Much of the work involved in ordering online Maine lobster delivery goes into choosing a provider. Each company advertises high-quality, freshly caught lobster with comparable often comparable prices. Maine is full of reputable, well-qualified businesses—there are some in New England, too—and it can be difficult to decide which works best for you.

We’ve taken some of the guess work out of ordering lobster delivery. The companies in our list have been vetted for sustainable practices and a track record of successful live lobster delivery. We have written brief profiles for each company outlining their history, the products they provide, and shipping methods. This list will point you toward the best lobster delivery company for your order.

To order lobster delivery as a customer is as simple as any other type of online shopping. In most cases, you simply indicate the number of lobsters you would like the order, the size of the lobsters, and when and where you would like the product shipped. If you know which company you want to use, the ordering process itself takes only a few minutes.

What Makes for the Best Maine Lobster Companies

If you’re looking for the best Maine lobster delivery, you’ll need to learn a bit about how lobster companies operate. Some lobster companies are vertically integrated, which means they have a hand in every step of the process, including catching the lobster, marketing, selling, and shipping. Other lobster companies control just one aspect of the industry, whether it be fishing, selling, or shipping.

While there isn’t much of a difference, customers may find that specialized companies can provide a wider variety of seafood, as their primary goal is to sell and ship the products. On the other hand, vertically integrated companies may be able to deliver a higher-quality product because they have more control over sourcing and harvesting. Each has a benefit, but we recommend reading the “About” section for each business to determine which option they provide.

Note About Shipping

All of the companies in our list ship live Maine lobster deliveries straight to your home. However, shipping rates and per pound costs may appear to vary wildly between companies. Some fisheries will cover shipping costs if you order a certain number of lobsters, while others have flat fees and graduated shipping rates. We want to make clear that low shipping costs have nothing to do with the product or service’s quality. They simply indicate that the company has configured their price model to account for this added cost. If you want to get the best deal on lobster delivery, do a cost comparison among different Maine lobster companies to find a product that works for you.