Quality Seafood Delivery is an online marketplace and consumer guide for seafood delivery. We make it easy to find and order seafood products that are sustainably harvested and available for shipping. We do this by researching and publishing seafood prices, shipping information, and ordering requirements. We list only reputable seafood companies that follow industry regulations and sustainable harvesting methods. We also provide consumer resources for finding, buying, cooking, serving, and eating seafood.

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Once you’ve experienced quality seafood delivery straight from the source, you’ll recognize the difference. Enjoy better seafood. Save money. Feel confident that you are getting the freshest and the best.

Why Shop for Seafood with QSD?

Knowing how to shop online for seafood delivery isn’t as easy as it sounds. Rather than getting overwhelmed by the dozens of companies that ship fresh seafood directly to retail customers across the country, you can quickly scan the options, research a few of the most promising options, and then make an informed choice based on your personal priorities.

It may seem just as convenient to go to the neighborhood store, but too often, you can’t trust the labeling with commercial seafood distributors. And when the grocery store or seafood market is selling the real deal, it’s often not a deal at all. Consistently find a better price for a better-quality fish by ordering online.

What Makes Us Different from a “Middle Man?”

The problem when you “eliminate the middle man” is that you also limit the opportunities to discover the best opportunities for buying fresh and wild-caught seafood and getting them delivered at the best possible price. By collecting and verifying the options for online seafood delivery of various quantities, dates, and locations, you can support a seafood lover’s diet and satisfy every member of your household without completely blowing up your monthly food budget.

Take special deliveries for wild-caught salmon, for example. The best-case scenario is finding fishermen who bring back their own personal catch to your local neighborhood. You meet the fishermen (or buying club contact person) and pick up your salmon. This ensures you’re getting wild-caught salmon you can trust, while also minimizing the shipping cost and total price per pound. We can help you find these types of opportunities and thus eat better quality seafood for every occasion.

Consumer Guides for Buying Salmon and Lobster

When we set out to build our online marketplace, we quickly decided to start with Consumer Guides for Salmon and Lobster. These are, by a good amount, the two most popular types of seafood. They’re also almost nothing alike.

  • The best salmon is cleaned, processed, flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed. (This locks in the fresh taste of unspoiled salmon for several months after it was first harvested.)
  • The most coveted type of lobster is live lobster boiled and served the same day it arrives. (Ideally, the live lobster will be shipped, cooked, and eaten within a couple days of harvesting.)

And these are just the most important differences. Wild-caught salmon comes from the Pacific and mostly Alaska; cold-water, hard-shell lobster comes from New England and Canada, but especially Maine. Wild salmon is known for its low-mercury content, high omega-3 fatty acid content, and firm meatier texture; the more popular cold-water lobster is known for being softer and sweeter than warm-water lobster harvested in tropical locations.

With Quality Seafood Delivery, you’ll know how to buy and cook salmon, lobster, and other types of quality seafood products that are available for online ordering with delivery service.

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