Company Name: The Crab Place

Owners: Greg Cain

Year Founded: 1997

Address: 504 Maryland Avenue, Crisfield, Maryland 21817

Phone: 877-328-2722

Contact Email:



Based out of Crisfield, Maryland, The Crab Place prides itself on selling fresh Maryland seafood. Brothers Greg and Matt Cain sell seafood that is caught daily by local watermen. The company strives to ensure its customer service is as prioritized as the business’s commitment to selling excellent seafood. Another member of the company is Baltimore native Rebecca Gareis Bent. Bent is responsible for product development, photography, and marketing. When you make a purchase from the company, it is evident that those who are involved on all levels have a deep background and appreciation for crabbing and how it brings communities together.


Even though The Crab Place is based in Maryland, the company offers national, regional and local shipping. The company’s shipping rates are discounted during the week in some parts of the United States. Their website allows you to enter your zip code to see if you are eligible for these discounts. All orders are shipped via UPS and the cut-off time for orders is 3 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Orders can also be placed on the internet at any hour of the day. When selecting “delivered-by” times, these times will depend on your “ship-to” zip code. Any orders placed to Hawaii or Alaska will have an added $10 fee. However, the packing materials are provided for no additional fee, and these include insulated Styrofoam boxes, refrigerated gel packs, and/or dry ice.

Where They Fish

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Seafood Marketing Program certified The Crab Place as a True Blue-compliant partner. The program recognizes the company as among retail stores and restaurants that support local watermen. It is also recognized for supporting the local economy through its use of high quality Maryland crabs and Maryland crabmeat.

Type of Seafood

The company primarily sells types of crab, including hard crabs, soft crabs and crab cakes. The other products sold are jumbo cakes, crab meat, King Crab legs, and snow crab legs. If you are looking for some variety, you can also order fresh fish, shrimp, scallops, oysters, crawfish, and lobster tails. These products are offered in a variety of sizes and quantities.

Quality and Sustainability

As many consumers become more cognizant and eagle-eyed about the sustainability practices of companies, transparency has become a must for businesses. The Crab Place stands by its sourcing, preparing, and packaging process. The company also provides a link on the website that redirects customers to the company’s Facebook page with product reviews. Although the website does not offer specifics on the company’s sustainability practices, it does outline what customers should do if there is a problem with their product. If a package is delayed as a result of UPS or the company’s error, customers can request a refund or replacement. Similarly, if the weather affects the delivery, customers can request a replacement package or a gift certificate.

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