Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Company Min Sockeye Order Price/lb Shipping* Go To
Global Seafoods 10 lbs $19.00 $16.20
Vital Choice 3 lbs $22.22 Free $99+
Sizzlefish 3.5 lbs $34.27 FREE
Lummi Island Wild (Non-Alaskan) .6 lbs $40.00 FREE above $99

A 6-ounce serving of sockeye salmon has 286 calories, 14.6 grams of fat, and 36.2 grams of protein.

Wild Alaskan sockeye salmon is known for its reddish color, firm texture and full taste. It’s easy to grill, bake, steam, smoke or roast. And it’s easy to serve. It’s a great starting point to hone your skills as an amateur chef. With minimal effort, you can wow your guests or your family.

Alaska has the world’s strongest sockeye salmon runs. In 2019, the annual sockeye harvest in Alaskan waters is expected to reach 42 million fish. This is a solid harvest by historical standards. This is still an incredibly strong sub-market for salmon. So, while these prices aren’t the cheapest you’ll find for wild salmon, they’re still quite reasonable overall. It’s easier to choose sockeye salmon as a regular part of your diet and household budget when compared to, say, top-of-the-line King salmon.

Sockeye salmon is also a favorite choice among those who are concerned about personal health and managing the mercury levels of a seafood lover’s diet. Unlike other salmon, sockeye eat plankton pretty much exclusively for their diet, making them less susceptible to contamination in the food chain and random spikes in mercury levels which can occur even in some types of wild salmon. The average sockeye salmon is about 24 inches long and weighs about 6 lbs.

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