Company Name: Luke’s Lobster
Owners: Luke Holden and Ben Conniff
Year Founded: 2009
Address: Several food service locations across the world, including many along the East Coast and part of Japan. See their full list of restaurants here. They are headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, but we could not find a specific address.
Phone: No main phone number listed. See individual locations for specific phone numbers.
Contact Email: No email listed. Complete their contact form to get in touch.


Luke’s Lobster aims to provide the best seafood using sustainable methods. A large part of their mission is investing in the communities they operate in to sustain the local economy and preserve the industry. Because of their dedicated work to this cause, they are a certified B Corporation. This means their company commits to standards of social and environmental performance. Luke’s Lobster applies these principles through their charitable giving, waterway cleanup events, and transparency about their methods. You can read up on the specifics of their projects on their extensive website listed above.

At their shacks, they sell Maine-style seafood and partner with small businesses to round out the experience with sides, desserts, and beverages.


Luke’s uses premium, next-day UPS shipping services. You can select a future delivery day or place your order before 11am EST for a next-day delivery. Orders for less than $125 ship for $18, and orders over $125 ship for $10. You can view their shipping FAQs page for more details about shipping.

Where They Fish

The fishers partnered with Luke’s catch fresh seafood daily along the Northeast coast. Luke’s then sources the best of the catch and distributes the seafood to their restaurant and to consumers who buy online.

What They Fish

Luke’s Lobster does not only fish for lobster. In addition to lobster, they offer crab claws, scallops, oysters and other prepared foods like lobster bisque.

Quality and Sustainability

There is plenty to say about Luke’s Lobster quality and sustainability. Much of the sustainability measures stems from Luke’s sourcing principles. By selling seafood that they buy directly from fishers, Luke’s is able to trace exactly where the fish comes from and the methods each fisher uses. This is a huge advantage of their business model. At each step of the way, Luke’s knows where the seafood has been and where it is going. This translates to a consistent high-quality seafood product for the consumer. Whether you buy the seafood online or enjoy it at one of their shacks, you can enjoy the guarantee of the best available seafood.

Here are some more specifics on their sustainable practices. For crab and lobster, fishers must throw back any fertile females. This ensures population growth. Fishers can only use traps which have an opening large enough for juvenile ones to escape. Other species like shrimp and clams have catch limits. These limits prevent overfishing and give time to replenish their populations. For more on their sustainability, you can check out their page dedicated to the subject.

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