It’s possible to buy high-quality jumbo oysters for sale online – you just need to know where to look. Oysters are sold in a variety of ways in markets, grocery stores, and via online retailers. This seafood will taste differently based on where it’s harvested. If you’re buying online, be sure to check where your oysters are coming from so you can know what to expect.

Like most seafood, customers can order oysters frozen, live (or raw), and as meats (“shucked”). Most online stores that have oysters for sale prefer to ship them raw, as this is the best way to ensure freshness.



Live Oyster Prices

Company Price/doz Minimum Order Rating Order
Fulton Fish Market $27.76 1 doz 4.4
Crab Place $28.63 1 doz 4.5
Vital Choice $30.00 5 doz 4.8
Global Seafoods $40.00 4 doz 4.6
Get Maine Lobster $75.00 1 doz 4.6


Order Oysters for Dinner

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Best Places to Buy Oysters Online

Whether you’re looking for oysters, you should trust your retailer. Here are a few of the best places to buy oysters online.

fulton fish market

Fulton Fish Market – Live Oysters for Sale Starting at $22.80 per Dozen

Fulton Fish Market sells just about every type of seafood you can imagine. They’re a great option for customers looking to buy a few types of fish or shellfish. They sell several types of oysters and several preparations, including live, shucked, and frozen.

Crab Place – Live Oysters for Sale Starting at $28.63 per Dozen

The Crab Place ships seafood from Maryland to your doorstep. They offer both live oysters and shucked options. Customers have the ability to buy by the dozen, 50 count, or 100 count. Shucked oysters come in pints or gallons.

vital choice

Vital Choice – Live Oysters for Sale Starting at $169 for Five Dozen

Vital Choice offers a wide range of seafood in one convenient place. This is a good option for customers buying oysters for a party. They have a 5-dozen minimum for live oysters, and they offer a few different types.

Get Maine Lobster – Live Oysters for Sale Starting at $74.99

Get Maine Lobster specializes in all things Maine. Their oysters are no exception. They ship their briny, punchy Damariscotta oysters live from the Maine coast.

Shucked Oyster Prices

Company Price/oz Reviews Rating Order
Fulton Fish Market $1.40 604 4.4 website
Vital Choice $1.67 23,298 4.8 website
Crab Place $1.85 442  4.7 website

How to Shuck an Oyster

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How Much to Buy When You Order Oysters Online

Although there are hundreds of species of oysters, there are five that you should keep in mind when you place your order. The five main oyster species are Atlantic Oysters, Olympia Oysters, Pacific Oysters, Kumamoto Oysters, and European Flat Oysters. All of these oysters possess different characteristics – making them appeal to different people’s taste preferences – and may influence the quantity of your order.

A standard recommendation when ordering oysters is purchasing at least six oysters per person. Make sure to take into account that the appropriate quantity may vary based on individual appetites and whether the oysters are the only thing served for the main course.

There are different types of oysters and sizes. The below video offers some easy descriptions and explanations for first-time eaters.

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The Best Ways to Eat Oysters

Here are a few of our favorite oyster recipes.

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