Only at Quality Seafood Delivery can you compare wild Alaskan Salmon online. We have collected all of the leading online sellers of Alaskan salmon and displayed all pricing, delivery fees, and websites right in one convenient space. Below we have broken out each of the popular types of fresh salmon – sockeye, king, coho, keta, pink – and the salmon delivery companies who sell them so that you can compare and make an informed decision based on total price and delivery.

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (Red)

Company Min Sockeye Salmon Order Sockeye Salmon Price/lb Min Cost/Order Shipping Order
Sizzlefish 3.5 lbs $29.98 $115.00 FREE
Vital Choice 3 lbs $22.22 $165.66 Free $99+
Global Seafoods 10 lbs $19.00 $206.20 $16.20

Click there to see the full list of Sockeye salmon prices. Sockeye is a deep red salmon with a firm texture and full taste. It’s easy to grill and easy to serve. It’s easy to grill, bake, steam, smoke or roast. With minimal effort, you can wow your guests or your family. It’s also a great starting point to hone your skills as an amateur chef. A 6-ounce serving of sockeye has 240-250 calories, 36 grams of protein, 9.5 grams of fat (mostly omega-3 fatty acids).

Alaskan King Salmon (Chinook)

Company Min King Salmon Order King Salmon Price/lb Min Cost/Order Shipping Order
Global Seafoods 3 lbs $27.50 $98.70 $16.20
Vital Choice 1 lb $50.88 $101.76 Free $99+
Lummi Island Wild (Baker King) .5 lbs $66.66 $133.32 Free $100+
Riviera Seafood Club (NZ Ora King) 1 lb $29.99 $62.46 $32.47

King salmon is known for its rich flavor and oily texture. It also has the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Often, these huge salmon have prepared to make some of the longest, hardest salmon runs in the world when they are caught. They are among the most desired salmon and with a limited supply, they tend to be nearly twice as expensive as other wild-caught salmon. Ivory king salmon, a subspecies of king salmon, is coveted for its creamy, white-colored flesh. It has the same rich texture and high levels of omega-3 fatty acids as other king salmon.

Alaskan Coho Salmon (Silver)

Company Min Coho Salmon Order Coho Salmon Price/lb Min Cost/Order Shipping Order
Lummi Island Wild (WA) 1.5 lbs $30.66 $122.64 Free $100+
Vital Choice 1 lbs $30.88 $123.52 Free $99+
Sizzlefish 3.5 lbs $28.55 $100.00 Free $99+
Global Seafoods 5 lbs $25.00 $125.00 $15.76

Coho salmon offers orangish or peach-colored meat, but is also known as silver salmon for the shiny color of its skin. Apart from farm-raised salmon (high in mercury) and king salmon (expensive), coho salmon has the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acid content. And like all wild-caught Alaskan salmon, it has very low mercury levels. It’s also one of the most affordable varieties of wild salmon. This makes coho salmon a favorite among people who love wild salmon for its taste and nutritional value and who like to push the boundaries of how many times per week they can eat this dietary staple.

Alaskan Keta Salmon (Chum)

Company Keta Salmon Price/lb Min Keta Salmon Order Min Cost/Order Shipping Order
Lummi Island Wild (WA) 2.5 lbs $13.20 $100.00 Free@$100
Global Seafoods 5 lbs $14.00 $86.20 $16.20

Keta salmon used to be more commonly known as chum salmon, but then it got a bad rep for having an inferior taste and has since been rebranded. Whether keta deserves this reputation is still a hotly debated topic, but it’s generally agreed upon that this salmon has a mild taste and flaky texture. This combination of taste and texture makes this wild salmon very “easy to eat.” This is a great option to use in salmon recipes and to overcome resistance in family members who think even salmon has too much of a fishy taste.

Alaskan Pink Salmon (Humpback)

Company Min. Pink Salmon Order Price/lb Min Cost/Order Shipping* Go To
Marx Foods 12 lbs $17.25 $207.00 FREE
Loki Fish Company 3.75 lbs $16.80 $63 $68.69
Wild for Salmon 2 lbs $12.99 $25.98 $65.00

Pink salmon is very similar to keta salmon in terms of its mild taste and perception as a lower-grade wild salmon—at least in terms of taste. Aside from the distinctive light pink color, the biggest difference between pink and keta salmon is the texture. Pink salmon is softer and less flaky, so keep this in mind as another great option for your favorite salmon-based recipes.

Monthly Subscription Plans

Once somebody decides to make wild-caught salmon a regular part of their diet, they will often look to choose a single salmon company to make regular deliveries. Unfortunately, the limited harvesting season and available supplies mean many months of the year, smaller companies are sold out of their wild Alaskan salmon. This type of demand has given rise to a business model in which salmon companies sell monthly subscriptions, sometimes called “shares,” in which they receive a seasonal selection of salmon and/or other wild Alaskan seafood each month.

These monthly subscription plans also tend to offer a better price point. Customers simply need to be flexible in eating whatever salmon and seafood is in season each month of the year. If you prefer to stick with wild Alaskan salmon year-round, we suggest you plan ahead, order in bulk and invest in a second freezer for your home. Otherwise, here are the most popular Alaskan salmon companies that offer monthly subscription plans.

Company Price/lb Subscription Plan 1  Plan 1 Contents Subscription Plan 2 Plan 2 Contents Order
Alaska Home Pack $16.36  $199+$30 shipping 14 lbs: Coho, King, Lox, Smoked Same Same
Smart Source Seafood $23-$27 $135 5 lbs sockeye $230 10 lbs sockeye
Wild Alaskan Company $25-$28 $188.82 18 6oz sockeye fillets $334.44 36 6oz sockeye fillets
Alaska Gold $17.50-$37 $115-$175 5-10 lbs coho $185-$295 5-10 lbs king

Local Buying Clubs and CSFs

Many fishermen-direct business models cater to local buying clubs and community-supported fisheries. A lot of fishermen only live in Alaska during the summer fishing season. Then, they return to their home in the lower 48, where they market and sell their catch during the offseason. Rather than shipping their salmon all over the country, they can sell their supply of salmon to natural food markets, farmers markets, and local buying clubs.

While supplies and delivery options are limited, if there is a local buying club or community-supported fishery in your area, this is a great way to buy wild-caught Alaskan salmon from a local company. These local buying clubs and community-supported fisheries are often able to sell their salmon at a lower price by eliminating the extra cost associated with shipping to individual customer homes. Even if the pickup spot isn’t right around the corner, many locations have some type of solution in their vicinity.

Company Price/lb (Sockeye) Min Salmon Order Locations Order
Misty Fjord Seafood $16-$17 10-25lbs (portions/fillets) WA, WY, IA, WI, MN, CO, UT
Thunder’s Catch $14 20lbs WA, ID, MT, CO
Wild for Salmon $18 20lbs (100 lbs for Clubs) <100 miles (Bloomsburg, PA)

Wild Pacific Salmon

Not all salmon comes from Alaska, though pretty much all wild salmon in the U.S. is sourced from Pacific Ocean waters. Bristol Bay is known for the strongest salmon run in the world, as well as some of the best tasting species of salmon. However, there are other places where you can catch wild salmon, and a total of 7 species of wild Pacific salmon (sockeye, coho, king, chum, pink, steelhead, and cutthroat). From the Pacific Northwest to the Australian Coast, there are a handful of seafood companies that sell wild Pacific salmon caught outside of traditional Alaskan waters. Whether or not it holds up to Alaskan salmon is up for debate, but this wild salmon is surely a lot better than Atlantic farm-raised salmon products. Whether you can’t find Alaskan salmon right now or you’re looking to try something new, check out these wild salmon options.

Company Min Salmon Order Salmon Price/lb Shipping Order
Lummi Island Wild .5 lbs $30 Free@$100

Why Buy Alaskan Salmon Online?

Shopping for wild Alaskan salmon online isn’t easy. There are dozens of wild Alaskan salmon companies out there, each with their own minimum order requirements, shipping info and price points. Each company has its own story and methods of harvesting and marketing their catch. Free shipping is typically included, depending on how much you buy and where you want it delivered. The good news is that we’ve taken it on ourselves to do the research and present the information in a way that makes it easy to compare and buy Alaskan salmon online.


Buy Alaskan Salmon from Trusted Sources

Most people know something about the benefits of buying wild salmon over farm-raised products. There are lower levels of Mercury and higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids. There is a richer flavor and better texture to the fish. Wild-caught Alaskan salmon is a superior seafood product all the way around. Unfortunately, many places regularly sell mislabeled fish. You need to be able to trust the source of your seafood. Buying Alaskan salmon online directly from the fishermen and fisheries who are committed to processing and selling only 100% wild-caught salmon is the best way to guarantee you’re getting the real thing.

You start up a conversation with these company owners, and many sound more like academics than seasoned adventure-seekers. Many are quick to cite the literature on today’s salmon and seafood market. For example, we learned about one recent study which found that 43 percent of the wild-caught salmon being sold at restaurants and grocery stores was mislabeled, including nearly 30 percent that wasn’t wild-caught at all but farm-raised! It’s easy to misplace your trust in restaurant and grocery-store fish because it’s right there in front of your eyes. When you buy stuff on the Internet, who knows what you’re going to get, right? In fact, it’s the exact opposite. With many of these companies, you will know exactly who, when and where your salmon was caught.