Alaskan wild king salmon is among the most coveted seafood options out there. Available in a very limited supply, these fish are known to fetch high costs both online and in stores. Velvety soft with a dense, meaty texture and just a hint of sweetness, this is almost certainly the best type of salmon money can buy.

If you’re in the market for a truly decadent cut of fish, you’ll want to learn as much about your purchase as possible – where it came from, how it was processed, and how it was caught. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure the fish has a short supply chain, moving as quickly from the ocean to your table as possible. The retailers in the Alaskan king salmon grid below have been vetted for quality and dedication to customer service. Wild king salmon prices range from $30 and $70 per pound, and at that cost, you deserve this kind of information.


Compare Alaskan King Salmon Prices

Company $/lb Min. Order Cost Reviews Rating Website
Seabear $36.44 $82.00 273 5.0 website
Global Seafoods SOLD OUT SOLD OUT 1130 4.6 website
Sizzlefish $87.80 $21.95 341 4.9 website
Sea to Table $51.68 $32.30 2,784 4.7 website
Vital Choice $66.66 $99.99 23132 4.8 website
Lummi Island Wild $50.66 $19.00 21 4.8 website

Everything You Need to Know About Wild King Salmon

Wild Alaskan king salmon is known for its rich flavor, oily texture, fatty acid content, and limited supply. Also known as chinook salmon, this is the most desirable of all salmon species. With some growing to be over 100lbs, this type of salmon spends its entire adult life building up their muscle and fat content to make the 2,000-mile journey upriver to spawn. Fishermen strategically place themselves to harvest king salmon at the beginning of their run, just before the muscle and fat has wasted away. The result is a plump, decadent fish. This is also why chinook salmon have the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

Young salmon feed on plankton and insects. When adults migrate to the ocean in their second year, their diet expands to include herring, pilchard, sand lance, squid, and crustaceans. This varied diet can also create subtle variations in taste and nutritional information. This, in part, is why it’s important to know where your salmon comes from, as regional differences can impact flavor.

Most wild kings are a bright red color. Ivory salmon, a subspecies of king, is coveted for its creamy, white-colored flesh. Otherwise, the ivory king has the same rich texture and nutritional content as other king salmon.

There is a set limit of how many kings can be caught in southeast Alaska, where harvests are controlled by a maritime treaty between the United States and Canada. Still, with declining numbers, there are tough restrictions in effect all over Alaska. This year, outside of treaty areas, the king harvest was under 100,000 fish. As such, it’s no surprise that this salmon is often twice as expensive as other salmon. The average alaskan king salmon is 36 inches long and weighs about 30 lbs.


The Health Benefits of Salmon

It’s no secret that salmon is a healthy food choice. But what about specifically king? This type of salmon is fattier than other varieties, like Keta and Coho. As a result, the nutritional content for king salmon will be slightly different. A 6-ounce serving of Alaskan king salmon has 304 calories, 17.7 grams of fat, and 33.9 grams of protein. By contrast, the more widely available Keta salmon has 204 calories and 34 grams of protein. This means kings are more caloric and have a greater fat content than most other types of salmon.

Still, health is more complicated than calorie numbers and protein content. Kings are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and, while they have less protein than other types, are still a great source of high-quality protein. Kings are also a fantastic source of essential nutrients, like selenium, potassium, and phosphorous. Plus, it’s easy to consume king salmon in moderation – there’s so little of it to go around that you won’t likely have the opportunity to eat more than a few servings of this indulgent fish.


Is King Salmon Worth the Cost?

In our humble opinion, wild king salmon prices are absolutely worth the premium cost. Whether for a romantic dinner or birthday meal, king is a truly celebratory fish. Any seafood lover is lucky to get a taste of freshly caught king – whether it’s a fillet, a portion, or a whole fish. If you’re browsing one of our recommended online retailers and see that king is in stock, make the purchase. You won’t regret the expense.


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