Get Maine Lobster Prices

Lobster Type Minimum Order Lobster Price/lb Price/4 Lobsters Expedited Shipping Order
1.125 lb Live Maine Lobster 2 $31.11 $99.99 INCLUDED
1.25 lb Live Maine Lobster 2 $29.99 $109.99 INCLUDED
1.5 lb Live Maine Lobster 4 $28.33 $129.99 INCLUDED
Tails & Meat Minimum Order Lobster Price/lb Total Price for Lobster Expedited Shipping Order
3-4 oz Maine Lobster Tails 4 $114.27 $99.99 INCLUDED
4-5 oz Maine Lobster Tails 4 $97.77 $109.99 INCLUDED
5-6 oz Maine Lobster Tails 4 $87.27 $119.99 INCLUDED
1 lb Fresh Lobster Meat 2 $69.00 $138.00 INCLUDED

Get to Know Get Maine Lobster Company

Get Maine Lobster strives to turn cold-water, hard-shell lobster into more than a meal. They turn it into a culinary experience you won’t forget. Like any company, they can’t control the weather that will sometimes prohibit planes from taking off. Otherwise, you can trust that you’ll get fresh-caught Maine lobster consistently delivered to your front door or place of business, each and every time. Whether you’re looking for a regular source of lobster, a delectable meal for special occasions, or an entire selection of fresh and wild-caught seafood, Get Maine Lobster is an excellent choice.

Mailing Address:

392 Fore Street, 3rd Floor

Portland, ME 04101

Phone: (866) 562-4817

Contact Email:



Get Maine Lobster uses UPS Overnight Service to ship their lobster throughout the U.S. Hawaii and Alaska customers should contact them directly to get a quote for shipping. Otherwise, shipping costs range from $25-$55 depending on the location. Saturday deliveries cost an additional $15 fee. You must place your order by 9:30am EST for next-day delivery. Most orders near population centers will arrive by noon, but deliveries to rural areas may happen later in the day. Deliveries are made between Tuesday and Friday (plus Saturday in some areas), but you can place your order online 24/7. You can also track your shipment with online tracking. The company recommends monitoring this tracking and keeping an eye out for your shipment as the delivery person doesn’t always knock.

Harvesting Methods

Get Maine Lobster uses the old-fashioned way to harvest premium Maine lobster. Their lobstermen use between 250-300 traps on their fishing vessels and harvest the lobster one trap at a time. These hand-picked lobsters go straight from the boat to the dock to being shipped right to your doorstep. This company knows that the best lobster comes from the icy cold waters of the New England coast. From using eco-friendly and biodegradable traps, from returning pregnant lobsters to observing zone limits, their harvesters follow the industry’s regulations and best practices to protect the environment and local fishing waters.

Recipes and Resources

Get Maine Lobster has some of the most extensive recipes and resources we’ve seen in a lobster company. It’s part of their mission to deliver an amazing dining experience, as well as premium live and frozen lobster products.

Not satisfied to simply boil your lobster, crack the shell open, and dip it in butter? The company has a number of great recipes for you to try out…lobster breakfast casserole, lobster cakes with tarragon aioli, lobster mac n cheese, twice baked potatoes with lobster. They also publish basic tutorials and expert tips for specific lobster and seafood preparation. You’ll know exactly how to use their sea salt and seaweed pack, for example. No matter what questions or concerns you have, there’s an excellent chance you can find the answer on their website. And if not, you can always give them a call.

Type of Lobster

Maine Lobster Delivery, lobster meat, lobster tails

Other Seafood Products

Scallops, haddock, tuna, swordfish, salmon

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