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Green Head Lobster

Greenhead Lobster Prices

Lobster Type Minimum Order Lobster Price/lb* Price/4 Lobsters** Expedited Shipping Order
1.25 lb Live Maine Lobster 2 $26.62 $106.50 $51.60
1.5 lb Live Maine Lobster 2 $18.45 $133.41 $59.51
2 lb Live Maine Lobster 2 $27.20 $168.31 $59.91
Tails & Meat Minimum Order Lobster Price/lb* Price for Lobster* Expedited Shipping Order
4-5 oz Maine Lobster Tails 4 $10.25/td> $83.27 $42.27
1 lb Fresh Lobster Meat 2 $35.00 $115.38 $45.38

* These prices do not include shipping.

** Price for 4 lobsters INCLUDES shipping based on a standardized location. Exact costs may vary.

Get to Know Greenhead Lobster

Greenhead Lobster carries on the historic tradition of Stonington fishing. They focus on one product: wild-caught and fresh Stonington, Maine lobster. The company’s owner oversees every aspect of his operation, building relationships with local lobstermen and women to supply the highest quality lobster around. Situated on the Penobscot Bay, Greenhead takes advantage of is location; the cold, clean water of the area is the perfect environment for producing sweet, great-tasting lobster. This company sells both live and fresh lobster as well as seasonally available scallops.

Founded: 1997

Address: 30 Ocean St., Stonington, Maine 04681

Phone: (888) 756-2783

Contact Email: Contact Form, info@greenheadlobster.com

Website: www.greenheadlobster.com


Greenhead Lobster takes every opportunity to ensure the highest quality of the day’s catch is maintained from harvesting until it hits the customer’s doorstep, utilizing both UPS Ground and UPS Next Day Air to transport their harvest. Buyers choose from 1.25lb, 1.5lb, and 2lb lobsters and there is a two-lobster minimum, meaning you should expect to spend at least $45 on your order. Shipping costs vary by location, but New England residents should expect to pay around $15 for Ground and $33 for Next Day Air. If you want to combine live and frozen lobster in one order, send Greenhead an email for better shipping rates. For same day processing, Greenhead Lobster requests customers place orders by 12 p.m. EST.

Harvesting Methods

Greenhead Lobster’s seafood is harvested by a dedicated fleet of Stonington, Maine lobstermen and women, many of whom have been delivering a daily catch for over three generations. Greenhead Lobster is proud to continue the strong fishing heritage of the Downeast Maine Gulf by utilizing this local network and practicing sustainable lobster sourcing. According to their owner, Hugh Reynolds, they have lobster people on the docks every day to ensure the market’s quality is the best possible.

Recipes and Resources

This company provides an informative FAQ page, tasty tips, and easy-to-follow recipes on various parts of their website. The blog also has a section called “Hugh’s How-To’s,” which details preparation tips for various parts of whole, live, fresh, and/or frozen lobster. This resource also includes a Live Lobster Care portion in the event that customers are unable to cook their lobsters on the day they arrive.

Greenhead Lobster also offers wholesale shipments and prices to commercial establishments around the country. The company is fully FDA HACCP compliant, which includes the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s mandatory seafood HACCP Regulation and satisfies the mandatory training requirements.

Type of Lobster

Live lobster, lobster tails, picked claw and knuckle meat, frozen lobster tails

Other Seafood Products

Scallops (seasonal)