Year Founded: 1926

Address: 2 Boston Fish Pier, Boston, MA 02210

Phone: 1-888-WULFPAK (985-3725)




Company Overview

Focused on quality, premium service, and sustainability, Wulf’s delivers only the best seafood to their customers on the daily. Wulf’s Fish is at the heart of the fishing industry with their Boston headquarters. They offer a wide variety of seafood and shellfish as well as some other specialty food items. Wulf’s is also committed to providing accurate sourcing information, which is made easy with the strong partnerships they’ve made with fishers ever since the company’s founding. Wulf’s is eager to share their seafood knowledge and top-notch products with consumers nationwide.



Wulf’s charges a flat rate for shipping which they calculate based on their shipping zones. You can view the shipping zones here. Customers can earn free shipping if their order exceeds a certain amount, which you can find on the same shipping information page. Their local delivery service guarantees next-day delivery, but other orders take a couple days to ship.

Wulf’s packs their frozen fish in insulated boxes to ensure the products stay at the right temperature throughout the journey. Wulf’s super freezes their seafood to protect the fish’s flavor until you are ready to enjoy it. They explain more about why they freeze their fish on their website, but in short, freezing prevents the fish from spoiling and preserves the fish at its freshest.


What They Sell

For Wulf’s, it is easier to say what they don’t sell since they have such a nice offering of seafood. The main categories in their shop are fish, lobster and more, and caviar and roe. They sell popular fish steaks like halibut, salmon, and trout and also other white fish like sea bass and sole. The lobster and more category has crab, lobster, shrimp, scallops, and octopus. And, the caviar page has domestic roe offerings, like salmon and trout, as well as imported sturgeon caviar.

Since Wulf’s offers so much, take your time looking through their site because you may stumble upon something you want to try. You can even ask a fishmonger for advice or information on the seafood options.


Where They Fish

Wulf’s sources their fish from the coastal waters of the United States and Canada as well as other countries. Each product listing has the origin of the seafood product listed so you know the area it comes from.


Quality and Sustainability

Quality and sustainability are at the heart of Wulf’s operations. They source their fish through vetted sources which they keep diligent track of. Additionally, they import some of their fish using CleanFish, which sources seafood from suppliers using sustainable aquaculture fishing methods. Tracing where seafood comes from is an important feature of any quality seafood companies.

Part of Wulf’s sustainability practices is how they package their seafood. Freezing all their fish ensures that none of the fish goes bad and gets wasted. Plus, they use completely recyclable packaging for all their orders. Wulf’s loves being able to provide the best seafood to people across the country and are more than happy to talk about seafood with any customer looking for more information about their products.