Placing a king crab delivery is a popular choice for a reason. Seafood lovers simply can’t go without the meat’s famously sweet taste and tender texture. What makes it more special: Live king crab is available in extremely limited quantities.

If you have ever seen or heard of the television show, Deadliest Catch, you are familiar with the crustacean. You also know what fishermen endure to claim a trap. If you are interested in ordering live king crab for sale online for your next special meal, the guide below explains all that you need to know. Getting king crab delivered is easier than ever.

We should note that king crab size can change its cost. Similarly, the whole Alaskan king crab delivery price differs when ordering crab legs or clusters or golden king. As always, we recommend reading through the product descriptions before you buy king crab legs.


Fresh King Crab Prices

Company Price/lb Reviews Rating Order
Global Seafoods $70.00 1,129 4.6
Crab Place $69.29 569 4.5
Fulton Fish Market $93.99 604 4.4
Seabear Smokehouse $84.50 102 4.6
Cameron’s Seafood $75.99 105 5.0

King crab legs are among the most expensive and sought-after crab types available to buy online.

What Does King Crab Taste Like?

Despite paying more for live Alaskan king crab, many believe that the flavor is worth the added cost. These crabs have a uniquely sweet taste. The meat’s texture is softer and more delicate than other species’. Many people enjoy king crab without any additional seasoning. The best live king crab is native to the Bering Sea, the North Pacific Ocean, and around the Kamchatka Peninsula in Alaska.

The meat comes in large, thick pieces. However, you will have difficulty cracking the shells by hand. If you order a king crab delivery, we recommend investing in a nutcracker or another cracking tool. The average king crab weighs around 6 pounds. They have short legs, but the legs are thicker than the comparable snow crab. To order king crab online, use the buttons in the grid above.

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Best Cooking Methods for King Crab

Vendors typically sell king crab cooked and flash-frozen. Like most crustaceans, live king crab for sale spoils quickly after death. The process easily adheres to safety standards while preserving the meat’s freshness. Flash-freezing seafood also helps eliminate the use of chemical preservatives. You can also enjoy live king crab in a variety of ways. The simplest way is serving the meat chilled and with lemon wedges. Simply transfer the king crab delivery parts from the freezer to the refrigerator. Leave the meat overnight in the refrigerator to thaw.

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When cooking live Alaskan king crab, avoid overcooking the meat. Overcooking can damage the texture and taste. A popular method of cooking king crab is steaming the parts or body in a large pot for around five minutes. In most king crab cooking methods, you should defrost and warm the meat instead of cooking it. Doing so best preserves the meat’s natural flavor and texture. If you want to add sauces or flavors, you can also broil the crab (3-4 minutes) or barbecue it (5 minutes).

The next step with your king crab delivery is when you will need your shell cracker. The shell is thick and tough. Using a tool helps prevent frustration and potential injuries. But maybe you want to retrieve the meat in large pieces. You can use a pair of kitchen shears to cut lengthwise down the legs.

Order Crab Online

When you order crab online or over the phone, you can typically choose between legs, king crab clusters, full crabs, and king crab claws. Vendors often sell these options pre-cooked and frozen. They also sell them by the pound. The yield for king crab legs is around 70% meat. If you buy 1 pound of king crab delivery, you will have about 0.7 pounds to eat. Try to research if where you buy king crab legs keeps the shoulder attached. The shoulder may add unwanted weight.

Remember that most folks will have local king crab leg delivery options. Check out any of the below buttons to find something in your area. Just plug in your address and see what’s around.

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Types of King Crab

You can choose from multiple live king crab for sale varieties online. We have included a few of the most common types below:

Blue Alaskan King Crab The rare crab is delicious and easy to enjoy the next day. Blue king crabs have thinner legs than red king crabs. These crabs also possess a sweeter taste. Check with your provider to make sure you purchase what you want. Vendors will sometimes label blue king crabs as red kings.

Live King Crab Many people find that the richness of freshly cooked crab is unparalleled. Do research on different king crab delivery shipping guidelines when you purchase live crab. Oftentimes, companies ship live crab in an industry-approved insulated box. Unless you are a professional, we do not recommend buying live crab. The crabs are often large, wily, and difficult to prepare.

Golden King Crab The crab is sweet and has less meat than other king crabs. The crab averages in size from 5 to 8 pounds.

King Crab Merus Many crab lovers seek out king crab merus. It is the chunk of a crab’s leg between the shoulder knuckle and the second knuckle. People revere merus for their sweet taste and tenderness.

Red King Crab The species is a popular king crab delivery option. Red king crab totals 75% of Alaska’s king crab catch. Its large size can reach up to 24 pounds. Red king crab legs can span 5 feet.

Whole Alaskan King Crab The crab type is easy on the palate and eyes. Whole king crab is typically pricy. Alaskan king crab weighs about 6 to 10 pounds. The whole crab costs a couple hundred dollars.


Does Size Affect King Crab?

The argument can be made that live king crab is not created equal. We already know that crab size influences the meat yield. However, size also directly affects the cost of live Alaskan king crab. There are a few king crab delivery size categories that you should know:

Super Colossal King Crab These legs weigh anywhere from 1 ¼ to 2 ¼ pounds per leg. The size may feel overwhelming. Still, we recommend that you purchase super colossals when you buy king crab legs for a party. We recommend eating these immediately. It is a lot to expect that your freezer space will fit close to 3-foot crab legs. The Crab Place sells Alaskan super colossal king crab legs for $45.89/lb.

Colossal King Crab Crabbers do not encounter legal restrictions for maximum sizes. Colossal king crab legs are about 1 pound each. Some people eat one leg for one serving. Colossal legs may be a good king crab delivery option if you are on a budget. Certain vendors offer deals if you purchase in bulk. Further, the colossal king crab freezes well. Cameron’s Seafood sells a 3-pound minimum of colossal legs for $217.99, or $72.66/lb.

Jumbo King Crab Serving jumbo king crab is the best choice if size and presentation are your priority. Make sure you know how much you are purchasing before you order king crab online. Global Seafoods sells 10 pounds of red king crab legs jumbo for $425, or $42.50/lb.

Learn more about cooking the different types of crab on our main page for buying crab online.

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