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The Lobster Guy Prices

Lobster Type Minimum Order Lobster Price/lb Price/4 Lobsters** Expedited Shipping Order
1.25 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $28.76 $115.04 $48.05
1.5 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $21.74 $135.04 $48.05
2 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $37.75 $222.22 $71.23
3 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $44.00 $295.20 $80.21
Tails & Meat Minimum Order Lobster Price/lb* Price/4 Tails (2lbs Meat)* Expedited Shipping Order
5-6 oz Maine Lobster Tails 1 $34.00 $186.80 $50.80
8-10 oz Lobster Tails 2 $27.50 $152.63/td> $44.63
10-12 oz Maine Lobster Tails 2 $31.25 $170.89 $45.89
Fresh Lobster Meat 2 $53.00 $151.88 $45.89

These prices do not include shipping or sales discounts.

** Price for 4 lobsters INCLUDES shipping based on a standardized location. Exact costs may vary.

Getting to Know The Lobster Guy

Owners: Tim Handrigan, Owner and Captain of F/V Courtney ElizabethF

Physical Location:

Ferry Wharf Fish Market

Phone: (866) 788-0004

Contact Email: sales@thelobsterguy.com

Website: www.thelobsterguy.com


With more than three decades of experience including 20 years as The Lobster Guy, Tim Handrigan knows a thing or two about lobstering, including the best methods for handling and shipping live, hard-shell lobsters to locations across the country. The Lobster Guy is known for having some of the best prices around for fresh hard-shell Maine lobster. Lobster and seafood enthusiasts may be familiar with this company from its feature spot on the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch Series.

This lobster company offers small as well as jumbo lobsters. They offer single-lobster sales as well as 2-, 4-, 6-, 12-, and 24-pack. No matter the size or preferences of your event, you can place the perfect order for your needs. Along with other lobster and shellfish products, this is a great choice to source your next fresh seafood meal.


Live lobster and other products are shipped via FedEx. You can order online at anytime, but The Lobster Guy ships Mon-Thurs with Tues-Fri delivery. You can also get Saturday delivery for an additional charge. Next Day Delivery is available when you place your order by 10AM EST. This company also recognizes that their lobster is often ordered on special occasions. Ask about their custom packages for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate gifts, and more to put an extra special touch on your delivery order.

Shipping costs are determined by the weight, date, and location of your delivery order. We’ve placed a couple orders. To many locations in the U.S., a small order (2.5lbs) of live lobster costs about $40 to ship, while a larger order (15lbs) costs about $80. With their online shopping tool, it’s easy to calculate shipping costs for various orders before completing your purchase.

Harvesting Methods

Taking what he knew about lobstering, Tim had his fishing vessel custom-designed to his personal specifications. The “Courtney Elizabeth” carries a crew of 4-5 lobstermen and 2,000 individual lobster traps set along 50 different trawls. Fishing trips usually last 5-7 days, including 3-4 days catching lobsters at depths of 200 fathoms in the winter and shallow 20 fathom waters in the summer. All the live lobster this company sells comes straight off their boat. This non-pounded lobster is some of the freshest available and is guaranteed to arrive at your door alive.

Recipes and Resources

Along with a great list of recipes and personal recommendations, the best resource this company may offer is access to the owner himself. Most basic queries can be answered by looking through their website, but if you have a follow-up question that you want to ask the owner, simply reach out by email. Tim tries to respond right away, except for when he’s out on the boat.

Type of Lobster

Live Lobster, Lobster Meat, Lobster Tails

Other Seafood Products

Lobster Dinners, Shellfish, Sea Scallops, and Shrimp