Lobster Taxi Lobster Prices

Lobster Type Minimum Order Lobster Price/lb* Price/4 Lobsters** Expedited Shipping Order
1 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $14.99 $109.36 ~$34.95
1.25 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $15.19 $125.36 ~$34.95
1.5 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $19.99 $173.86 ~$34.95
2 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $21.99 $234.86 ~$34.95
3 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $20.99 $320.36 ~$34.95
Tails & Meat Minimum Order Lobster Price/lb* Price for Lobster* Expedited Shipping Order
3-4 oz Maine Lobster Tails 1 $45.67 $9.99 ~$34.95
4-5 oz Maine Lobster Tails 1 $39.08 $10.99 ~$34.95
5-6 oz Maine Lobster Tails 1 $46.52 $15.99 ~$34.95
6-7 oz Maine Lobster Tails 1 $49.21 $19.99 ~$34.95
7-8 oz Maine Lobster Tails 1 $51.18 $23.99 ~$34.95
8-10 oz Maine Lobster Tails 1 $49.76 $27.99 ~$34.95
10-12 oz Maine Lobster Tails 1 $46.53 $31.99 ~$34.95
12-14 oz Maine Lobster Tails 1 $51.68 $41.99 ~$34.95
1 lb Fresh Lobster Meat 1 $59.99 $59.99 ~$34.95

* These prices do not include shipping.

** Price for 4 lobsters INCLUDES shipping based on a standardized location. Exact costs may vary.

Get to Know Lobster Taxi

Lobster Taxi is one of several Maine lobster companies that know how to do things right. Their easy-to-use online ordering, their competitive prices, their uncompromised quality, and live lobster guarantee make them one of the best choices for sourcing and shipping your Maine lobster and seafood. For big or small orders, for last-minute orders or scheduled deliveries, for live lobster or a wider selection of fresh seafood, you really can’t go wrong with Lobster Taxi.

Phone: 207-209-2013

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Lobster Taxi ships their lobster and seafood products to the continental U.S., as well as Alaska and Hawaii (though some restrictions apply). They mostly use FedEx, but Saturday delivery may be FedEx or UPS and incurs an additional $20 fee. They always use the highest-level priority for their deliveries. Except for business locations, the delivery person is empowered to leave the package without getting a signature release. On most days, you must order by 3pm to receive next-day delivery. You can also choose a delivery date from Tuesday to Saturday most weeks of the year.

Lobster Taxi offers extra shipping options and resources for their customers. For those who are looking for insurance against weather and other shipping delays, you can add shipping protection and get a full refund when these types of delays occur. While the company uses top-notch packing materials and promises their lobsters will be alive when they arrive at your doorstep, refunds are not issued for problems experienced after the lobster is shipped. Thus, some customers can get that extra peace of mind, while those who feel confident in receiving shipments at their address can save a few dollars on their order.

Harvesting Methods

Lobster Taxi works only with local Maine lobstermen who know the industry inside and out. You get only the best-of-the-best, hand-selected lobster with this company. Sustainable, eco-friendly harvesting methods follow all the industry’s regulations and best practices. They prioritize consistently delivering the best quality possible. When you’ve completed your lobster dining experience with Lobster Taxi, you’ll know the difference that comes with superior cold-water, hard-shell Maine lobster.

Recipes and Resources

In addition to fresh New England seafood and a reliable delivery system, Lobster Taxi offers a number of resources including seafood meal kits, cooking and dining supplies, and blog tutorials. From lobster bisque to lobster mac n cheese and plenty other options, you can order your favorite dish. You can order complete lobster dinners for two, four, or six people. It’s easy to search their blog based for a range of product-based topics on everything from how to butterfly lobster tails to the particulars of Maine’s lobster laws. You can add shell crackers, picks, and seasoning to your order.

Type of Lobster

Live lobster, lobster meat, lobster tails

Other Seafood Products

Clams, mussels, scallops, crab, shrimp