McLaughlin Seafood Lobster Prices

Lobster Type Minimum Order Lobster Price/lb* Price/4 Lobsters** Expedited Shipping Order
1.25 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $16.00 $145.00 $65.00 min
1.5 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $16.67 $165.00 $65.00 min
2 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $25.00 $265.00 $65.00 min
2.5 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $24.00 $305.00 $65.00 min
3 lb Live Maine Lobster 1 $21.67 $325.00 $65.00 min
Tails & Meat Minimum Order Lobster Price/lb* Price for Lobster* Expedited Shipping Order
6-7 oz Maine Lobster Tails 1 $41.85 $17.00 $65.00 min
1 lb Fresh Lobster Meat 2 $48.00 $48.00 $65.00 min

These prices do not include shipping.

** Price for 4 lobsters INCLUDES shipping based on a standardized location. Exact costs may vary.

Getting to Know McLaughlin Seafood, Inc.

Founded: 1978

Address: 728 Main Street, Bangor, ME

Phone: (207) 942-7811

Contact Email: Contact Email



A family-owned business McLaughlin Seafood, Inc. specializes in fresh seafood – specifically, Maine lobsters. While McLaughlin has a restaurant arm and takeout menu, customers don’t need to live in Maine to try their products. The company sells live lobster (by the pound), clams, mussels, oysters, and other popular, fresh options to seafood enthusiasts around the country. With monthly specials and a quaint store in Bangor, this is a New England. Plus, McLaughlin Seafood, Inc. truly cares about its Maine roots, serving only local seafood offerings alongside a host of other Maine-specific products, from Winterport Wines to different sea salts.


All live lobsters are shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight so they are “fresh and feisty” when they arrive at the doorstep. Customers choose between various lobster weights, but the most popular are 1.25lb lobsters ($20), 2lb lobsters ($50), and 3lb lobsters ($65). Though McLaughlin Seafood cannot deliver live lobsters on Sundays, they will arrive in insulated boxes to ensure maximum freshness. Shipping will rely on destination, but customers can easily estimate their cost using a tool in the website’s shopping cart. Customers can also order by telephone by calling 207-942-7811.

Harvesting Methods

Getting live lobster from a Maine dock to a customer’s door isn’t easy, but McLaughlin Seafood, Inc. has been doing it for years. Abiding by Maine’s strict lobster sourcing sustainability, this company moves lobsters almost immediately from their traps and into insulated packaging. They implement maximum and minimum size constraints, institute quotas, and utilize a series of measurements to quickly know if a lobster is good to sell or should be returned to the water.

Recipes and Resources

McLaughlin Seafood, Inc. provides a handful of essential cooking tips and tricks on their website. While customers who order prepared food, like the lobster stew or haddock and scallop casserole, may find these specific instructions more useful, the How to Cook a Maine Lobster recipe is a perennial favorite.

In addition to selling and shipping both fresh and live lobster, McLaughlin offers a host of additional seafood options – perfect for gift-giving both in and outside of New England. While live and fresh seafood should be consumed on arrival, some of McLaughlin’s smoked and preserved offerings can be a great way to show friends, family, and clients your appreciation.

Type of Lobster

Live lobster by the pound, lobster meat, frozen lobster tails

Other Seafood Products

Fresh clams, fresh mussels, fresh oysters, fresh scallops, crab meat, shrimp, smoked seafood, chowder/stew, frozen fish