Buying lobster meat by the pound is one of the most versatile seafood purchases you can make because you can make endless dishes with lobster meat. However, with tails and whole live lobster, there is some work to do in order to make other dishes.

Lobster meat for sale typically includes tail, claw, and knuckle meat or what’s referred to as TKC in the industry. For the reputable companies on this page whose lobster meat we recommend, the meat is typically processed within 12 hours of being caught. The meat is cooked and flash frozen straight away, sealing in the freshness and quality.

Once thawed, it is ready to be sold at market lobster price per pound and turned into a delicious lobster dinner. Some buyers get creative with lobster bisque, quesadillas, ravioli or lobster mac and cheese, to name a few dishes.


Lobster Price Per Pound

This grid shows how much lobster costs per pound by the leading sellers of fresh Maine lobster meat. Below the grid, we get into recommendations and context of the different companies with lobster meat for sale.

Fresh Maine Lobster Meat Price Comparisons

Company Price/lb Min. Cost Reviews Rating Website
Lobster Anywhere $62.00 $62.00 3583 5.0 website
Wulf’s Fish $55 $55 764 4.4 website
Fulton Fish Market $74.99 $74.99 603 4.4 website
Get Maine Lobster $99.99 $199.99 10,927 4.9 website
Cameron’s Seafood $96.49 $192.99 100 5.0 website

Companies with lobster meat for sale have different cost structures, but the quality of their product is of the highest standard. Every company that sells lobster meat has slightly different pricing for lots of reasons. Most companies will offer free or reduced rate shipping when buying quality seafood for delivery, so it’s always best to make a bigger purchase of stuff you will buy anyway to get the biggest discount on shipping.

The Best Lobster Price per Pound

lobster by the pound

Lobster Anywhere – Fresh Lobster Meat $62.00/lb

Lobster Anywhere is a major name in Maine Lobster shipping. You can see from the grid above that they have the cheapest lobster meat for sale among anyone. If you only need one pound—and you are sure that’s all you need—Lobster Anywhere is a great choice to get the highest quality lobster meat shipped at the cheapest possible price.

Best Maine Lobster is an incredible company founded on the understanding that people all over the country want that Maine lobster taste right in their own homes, even if they live in California. This is another great option if you are looking for just a little more meat, but looking ONLY for lobster meat and not any other seafoods. An incredible way to find Maine lobster meat for sale no matter where you live.

fulton fish market

Fulton Fish Market – Lobster Meat for Sale at $149.98/2lbs Shipped – Free Delivery

Fulton Fish Market is a big operation selling about every kind of fish or shellfish you can imagine. Fulton is a great option if you are looking to make a bigger purchase and fill up the freezer with more than just lobster meat. They source from a lot of different fisheries, not just those in Maine, so this is the place to get fresh seafood from all over the world.

camerons seafood

Cameron’s Seafood – Frozen Lobster Meat – $96.49 Per Pound

Cameron’s Seafood is now back in stock (as of 5/27/2021) with lobster meat for sale, and we wanted to take a minute to talk about what is special about Cameron’s. While they do sell some fresh fish, they mainly sell shellfish. From live lobster, meat, and tails to King Crab Legs, Maryland blue crab, and shrimp. Cameron’s is THE place for shellfish lovers to have incredible fresh-caught quality, shipped anywhere in the country.

All of the Maine lobster meat delivery companies listed will ship straight to your door in a two days or less.

Average Lobster Price Per Pound – $35 – $120/lb

We surveyed 22 lobster companies and found the range to be $35/lb on the low end and $120/lb on the high end. That is just what we could find. There are plenty of lobster companies out there that don’t even have a website, but dollars to donuts, we’ll bet their lobster falls in this range.

From our point of view, we tend to ignore the cheap side of things. Lobster meat is about freshness and those prices below $40/lb make us wonder how long they have been sitting around to be offered that cheaply. Similarly, those on the high end, like Sanders Lobster, and Winter Harbor Lobster Co-op are just too high to recommend to savvy shoppers.

In our view, the smart range for lobster price per pound is $45 – $80. The high end of lobster meat for sale should get cheaper in quantity or offer free shipping. And the low end is already low.

How Much Meat Does a Lobster Produce?

The fine folks over at Lobster Anywhere answered this question as thoroughly as some Ph.Ds, so read that if you want every juicy detail. For this page, we will cut to the quick.

A typical lobster will kick out about 20% meat per pound of whole lobster. So a 1.5lb lobster (24oz) will yield about 5oz of meat. That is supposed to be a serving, where eating whole lobster is concerned, but after spending an hour tearing about the carcass, you’ve burnt off all the calories in the meat just trying to get to it. Whereas 5oz of lobster meat in a roll is enough (for some).

When you buy a pound of lobster meat that has all knuckle and claw and tail meat, it took around three halves (1.5lb lobsters) or four quarters (1.25lb lobsters) to make that pound of meat. And if you’ve eaten a whole lobster, you know how much work that was.

When is Lobster Season? When Is the Best Time to Buy Meat?

Commercial lobster fishing season is nearly year-round, but most of the lobsters are caught between late June and late December up in Maine, though they are fished as far south as North Carolina. You can get fresh-caught and processed lobster meat year-round and it may be very new. However, the best time to buy lobster meat for sale and feel confident that it’s not last season’s lobster is (our opinion here) from August to January.

Best Lobster Meat Recipes

Ditch the roll and try lobster salad. Tender lobster meat dressed with lemon juice will cool you off on a warm summer day. Serve with garden fresh vegetables for a light lunch or dinner.

Elevate the classic chicken pot pie by using lobster instead. Meanwhile, you can use up all the leftover vegetables in the fridge. A well-loved dinner party dish that wows guests and cleans out the veggie drawer!

Ready for a real showstopper? Lobster thermidor uses the lobster shells as a serving dish for a truly amazing dish. The decadent cream sauce complements the lobster meat’s delicate flavor perfectly. Get ready to be asked for the recipe.

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