Also known as Quarters” or “chix, 1.25 pound lobster is favored for the extra sweet and tender meat they produce. The downside of a smaller 1.25 lb lobster is that, by most people’s standards, they don’t really produce enough meat for a full meal. If you really like sweeter-tasting lobster but also like to splurge on quantity, not quality, you could cook and eat two per person, but this is usually awkward while hosting a get-together in which nobody is likely to ask for seconds when it comes to live lobster. For this smaller lobster, a better plan is usually to serve plenty of sides. Read on to find out prices, preparation methods, and more tips for these perfectly-portioned lobsters.

1.25 pound Live Lobster Prices

Company Min. Order Price/Lobster* Price/4 Lobsters** Company Rating Go To
Fulton Fish Market 2 $38.99 $155.96 4.4
Lobster Anywhere 1 $38.95 $199.80 5.0
Get Maine Lobster 2 $64.99 $204.99 4.9

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** Price for 4 lobsters INCLUDES shipping based on a standardized location. Exact costs may vary.

***Orders over $125 ship free, even on Saturdays.

How to Cook a 1.25 lb Lobster

You can prepare lobster in several delicious ways. Boiling, steaming, and grilling are among the most popular methods to prepare this mouthwatering shellfish. Which method will you try for your next dinner party?

  • Boiling: Fill a pot about three-fourths of the way full with water, and bring it to a boil. The lobsters should cook for about 8-9 minutes. The rule of thumb for boiling lobster is 7 minutes for the first pound and about 3 minutes for each additional pound.
  • Steaming: Fill a pot with approximately 2 inches of water and bring it to a boil. Once boiling, add the lobsters to a steamer basket in the pot, and cover. Shake the pot every 30 seconds. Usually, this size lobster will steam and cook thoroughly in about 10 minutes.
  • Grilling: brush olive oil on each side of the lobsters and place on the grill. A fully cooked lobster’s shell will turn red, usually after 8-10 minutes of grilling.

A Quick Guide to Buying Lobster

Time to throw a lobster dinner party! First, you need to figure out how many lobsters to order based on how many attendees you will have.

Depending on the interest level and appetites of your party guests, you should plan for about 1.5 pounds of lobster per person. If you plan on serving plenty of sides, then 1.25 pounds of lobster should be just right. Each of these party plans factor out to approximately one 1.25 lb lobster per person, yielding anywhere from 4-6 oz of cooked lobster meat.

This size is perfect for a large crowd, like a party or a cookout. If you’re planning on hosting a smaller dinner party, consider ordering 2 lb lobsters or 3 lb lobsters.

More Tips for 1.25 lb Lobster

This is typically the most affordable sized lobster per pound. Plus, the small size makes it possible to cook 3-4 lobsters at a time in a moderately-sized 16-quart pot. You might even be able to squeeze 2 of them into an 8-quart pot. Their smaller size also makes 1.25 pound lobster easier to cook the meat all the way through without overcooking and toughening up the meat.

Pair those live Maine lobster 1.25 lbs each with delicious sides, and your dinner party is ready to go!

A 1.25 pound live lobster should yield about 4-6 oz of cooked lobster with the following nutritional information:

  • 112-125 grams, 4-4.5 oz
  • 110-120 calories
  • 23-24 grams protein
  • 75-80 mg of cholesterol
  • 1-1.25 gram of fat

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