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It’s easy to order lobster online once you know what you’re looking for. Below, you’ll find what amounts to a checklist of things to consider at the beginning of the process – from finding a company to figuring out how much to buy when you order lobster online.

Finding a Provider for Live Lobster Online

The first step to buying live lobster online is to choose a provider. Some lobster companies tout low prices, while others advertise unparalleled customer service. Below, we’ve provided a price-comparison grid for some of the most reputable lobster companies we’ve been able to find. We are displaying the 1.5-pound category, as this is the most purchased lobster size. A 1.5-pound lobster is typically enough for one person.

Lobster Anywhere 1 $32.95 $177.80 $46.00
The Crab Place 2 $47.71 $264.43 $86.95
Sanders Lobster 2 $44.50 $170.00 FREE
Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound 2 $46.88 $187.50 FREE
Winter Harbor Lobster Co-op 2 $67.50 $269.98 FREE

When choosing a lobster company, you’ll of course want to prioritize price, but there are other factors, too. Look for a variety of products, which can indicate that the provider has harvested the fish themselves. If you find a company that only sells frozen lobster tails, they’re likely getting that product from a separate entity and charging a mark-up. By contrast, companies that provide several types of lobster products – live lobster, claws, tails, and meat – have likely fished the product themselves.

Importantly, you’ll also want to read through reviews for each company you consider using. Client testimonials and Yelp reviews are invaluable tools when you order lobster online. Don’t let these resources go to waste.

Figuring Out What to Order

Understanding how much to buy when you order online can be difficult. The poundage you see when you buy a lobster is not how much you’ll be able to eat. In fact, some estimates put lobster meat yield at only around 20%, while others place that number closer to 40%. Still, if you buy a 1.25-pound lobster, know you won’t be getting 1.25 pounds of meat. To figure out how much lobster to buy, you’ll need to do a bit of simple arithmetic.

As a rule of thumb, count on each person at your meal eating between 5 and 8 ounces of lobster, depending on the sides served. Thus, any size lobster will make a well-sized meal, but you might want to consider adding salads, corn, or other seafood items, like mussels, if you buy anything below 1.25 pounds.

When is the Best Time to Order Lobster Online?

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck when you order lobster online, avoid buying at the height of summer. These lobsters have softer shells and more water weight, which means they’ll yield less meat.

The lobster season shifts throughout the year, causing prices to fluctuate significantly from month to month. Peak season runs from mid-September to mid-November, then from April through early June. During these times, lobster is at its most plentiful, which means it is also at its cheapest. If lobster is a once-a-year thing for your family, however, we recommend buying toward the end of the autumn season, when most caught will have hard shells and thus yield more meat. The easiest way to get the best price is to sign up for our email newsletter. We’ll send you real-time price updates.

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