How We Generate Pricing

We select the seafood type in each grid and take it all the way through checkout at these various fisheries and seafood dealers. We set the address for our address here in Denver. And we select a time for delivery of a few weeks out. Using these parameters keeps the pricing the same across the whole site, but it DOES NOT mean this is the pricing you will see. This is just a pretty good estimate of what you will see. If you are in the northeast and ordering lobster, your shipping costs will be lower. If you are in rural Kansas, they will be higher. Don’t use our pricing as a quote for your order, but rather a guide for costs at each place.

Our Pricing for 4 lobsters or 4 tails INCLUDES taxes, shipping, handling, everything.

Pricing Changes. Like, A Lot.

We run through new pricing several times a year and spot checks several more times a year. Prices for each company are always moving based on their own supply and demand. These companies generally don’t alert us when their prices have changed. We can’t see how much they have sold or how much they have left to sell. The best way to understand is to good a view of which company you like or which prices you like, and then go to that company and see what they have.

Shipping Charges

You’ll notice some companies offer free shipping and others don’t. This is a little game that ALL retailers in every industry play. In this niche, they will lower the price of lobster and increase the cost of shipping, and end up with the same overall costs. This is why we use a “Price for 4 Lobster” field, as it provides total cost for shipping four lobsters to your door, whether shipping is included or not. It helps everything shake out evenly between companies.

Additionally, the price of shipping will go up if you need it next day, or overnighted, or on a Saturday in almost all cases for all companies. Many of them won’t even do next day.

Order of Listings

It may seem haphazard, but we have a method to our listings. We are going to dork out on you, but here it is for those who are interested. For the first few listed, where the button says SHOP NOW, those are companies with whom we have some kind of a relationship. We have either used them before or they have given us special pricing or an affiliate offer. Basically, we have vetted them in some form.

Next, we take the center of the data and present, highest to lowest, the groups who are charging a middle price for their seafood. The reason here is that for this many companies to have about the same pricing, in our estimate, they are good companies, charging a fair price, and seem to be doing a lot of business. Taking 1.25 (chix) lobsters as an example, there are 10 companies charging between $141-$155 to ship 4 live lobsters to your door. This is reasonable and fair, and you are likely to have a good experience with them.

From there, we list companies from most expensive to least. For us, all seafood, no matter the type, is about freshness. And look, freshness costs. You are on this site because you are looking to skip the grocery or the fish market and go ship to porch with your seafood. We do the same. And for our money, if no other company will do, we will overpay for quality than underpay and hope it’s fresh. We still offer the choice, should you want it.