Ordering live Maine lobster shipped to your home can be a hassle. The trick to doing it without a headache is to do some prep before the package arrives. This guide is designed to bring you through the steps you should take to ready yourself for a live lobster delivery.

But first thing’s first: You need to actually order your lobster. Below are two grids full of companies that will deliver live Maine lobster shipped to your home, no matter where you live in the country. The first includes information for lobsters in the 1.25-pound category, the second for the 1.5-pound category.

Fresh 1.25lb Maine Lobsters

The companies above are just a select few of the vetted options we have on our site. If you don’t find a provider you love in the above grid, consider perusing our full lobster company database. You’re sure to find an option that fits your needs and budget.

What to Buy when you Order Live Maine Lobster Shipped

Ordering live Maine lobster shipped to your home is just one part of a larger equation. You’ll need a few items to properly cook the lobster. Remember that lobster should be consumed as close to its delivery date and time as possible, so secure these tools before placing your order.

  • A pot large enough to cook the lobster. Stock pots between 12 and 30 quarts will generally work, but you’ll want to reassess based on how much you’ve ordered and how large the lobsters are.
  • Metal tongs. These are important for handling the lobster both before and after cooking.
  • A heat-proof surface. Your lobster will need to rest for a few minutes after it cooks, so having a designated cutting board nearby is a good idea.
  • This is the most used lobster prep ingredient, and if you’re trying to have the best meal possible, we recommend splurging on the fancy stuff.

You should also clear a space in your refrigerator or freezer to store the crustaceans when they arrive. Sometimes, the easiest option is to keep them in the Styrofoam cooler. If this is the case, make sure you have some extra ice ready to help maintain the cool temperature.

Cleaning Up After Your Lobster Meal

You should have a plan to dispose of your lobster shells once the meal is over. If you have a compost bin, you can safely compost lobster shells if they are crushed or pulverized. If you plan to make more seafood meals, consider hanging onto the lobster shells to make seafood broths and stews.Importantly, you’ll want to have some salt and lemon on-hand for the clean-up process. Lobster smell may linger in your stock pot long after you’ve finished cooking. Scouring the metal with kosher salt and a half lemon can help deodorize the pot, as can a combination of baking soda, vinegar, and lemon. No matter which option you choose, have a clean-up method prepped and ready to go.

Live Maine Lobster Shipped to your Home is Worth the Cost

Ordering lobster can be difficult, especially for first-time buyers. If you have a positive experience with a company that provides live Maine lobster shipped to your home, remember to bookmark them for future purchases. If you have a bad experience, consider contacting the company’s customer service team to voice your concerns. Live lobster delivery can be a big expense for some folks, so providing good, honest feedback will inevitably help someone down the road.If you want to order live Maine lobster shipped to your home regularly, you might also consider subscribing to our email newsletter. We only appear in your inbox once each month, and you’ll get access to real-time price updates, great deals, and expert buying tips straight from the professionals.Take note of our Affiliate Relationships that may exist with this page and companies listed on it.

Company Min. Order Price/Lobster* Price/4 Lobsters** Company Rating Go To
Fulton Fish Market 2 $38.99 $155.96 4.4
Lobster Anywhere 1 $38.95 $199.80 5.0
Get Maine Lobster 2 $64.99 $204.99 4.9
Lobster Gram 2 $45.00 $146.00 4.3