Wild for Salmon is a fishermen-direct business that specializes in wild sockeye salmon from Bristol Bay, Alaska, while also allowing customers to source other types of wild seafood. Based out of Bloomsburg, PA, this is one of the absolute best options available to anyone within 100 miles of Bloomsburg, the company’s base of operations. These locations typically qualify for free shipping and/or an easy drive to one of the local buying club locations. The end result is among the very best salmon in the world available at a great price point.

Salmon Type Salmon Price/lb Min Salmon Order Shipping Order
Alaska Sockeye Salmon $21.49 $20@10lbs 3 lbs $65.00
Alaska King Salmon $32.99 (SOLD OUT) 2 lbs $65.00
Alaska Coho Salmon $20.00 (SOLD OUT) 2 lbs $65.00
Alaska Keta Salmon $13.95 2.5 lbs $65.00
Alaska Pink Salmon $12.99 (SOLD OUT) 2 lbs $65.00
Wild Smoked Sockeye $31.90 1 lb $55.00

Company Name: Wild for Salmon

Owners: Steve and Jenn Kurian

Fishermen: Cabot Pitts, Matt Korzenaski, Pete Six

Year Founded: 2004

Address: 521 Montour Bvld (Rt 11), Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Phone: 570-387-0550

Email: info@wildforsalmon.com

Website: www.wildforsalmon.com

Shipping Locations

This is one of those hybrid salmon companies that offers shipping across the country, but which caters to customers and local buying clubs within 100 miles of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. A moderate-sized online order of sockeye salmon had free shipping to these mid-Atlantic states with FedEx Ground shipping. The same order cost $75 to send to the Rocky Mountain states via FedEx 2-Day Air shipping.

Current buying clubs can be found in PA, NY, NJ, MD, DC, OH. Contact Wild for Salmon about the benefits of starting a new local buying club, or simply place an order to qualify for free shipping.

Where They Fish

Bristol Bay, primarily the Naknek water district.

Type of Fish

Sockeye, coho, king, keta, and pink salmon. Alaskan whitefish, shellfish, shrimp, albacore tuna.

Quality and Sustainability

Wild for Salmon knows the regulations and daily communications issued by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, but it’s also committed to the larger goal of maintaining the unspoiled waters of Bristol Bay and a sustainable supply of salmon. It also means you’re receiving the highest quality salmon in the entire world. This is another part of the mission Wild for Salmon is fully committed to. During to months of intense fishing activity, their net-caught salmon is kept in refrigerated holds and delivered to a larger crab boat every 10 hours. From there, it’s quickly offloaded to be filleted, flash-frozen, and vacuum-sealed.