Inevitably, if you order wild salmon online, you will eventually want more of it. And more. At some point you wonder if there are cost savings with buying bulk salmon? There are, in fact, through many online retailers of seafood. We have relationships with wild salmon fishers and have the ability to both fashion good deals for our clientele, as well as having a finger on the pulse of the market and knowing which companies offer standard deals to buy salmon in bulk.

We will cut to the chase and show you the goods in the below bulk salmon comparison grids. King salmon first, then sockeye salmon. Below the grids we have added extra details and context, should you need them.

Compare Bulk King Salmon

Company Bulk Amount Reg Price With Discount Price/lb Shipping Total Go To
Seabear Smokehouse 9 lbs $316.00 $268.60 $29.84 $19.99 $287.60
Global Seafoods 10 lbs $275.00 $275.00 $27.50 $24.44 $294.44
Lummi Island Wild 9 lbs $384.00 $346.00 $38.44 FREE $346.00
Fulton Fish Market (Ora) 10 lbs $385.00 $385.00 $38.50 FREE $385.00
Vital Choice 10 lbs $612.26 $419.00 $41.90 FREE $419.00
Sizzlefish 10.5 lbs $449.85 $449.85 $46.50 FREE $449.85

Compare Bulk Sockeye Salmon

Company Bulk Amount Reg Price With Discount Price/lb Shipping Total Go To
Fulton Fish Market (Ora) 10 lbs $202.23 $202.23 $20.23 FREE $202.23
Global Seafoods 10 lbs $190.00 $190.00 $21.44 $24.44 $214.44
Seabear Smokehouse 9 lbs $260.00 $221.00 $24.55 $19.99 $240.00
Vital Choice 10 lbs $413.33 $279.00 $27.90 FREE $279.00
Lummi Island Wild 9 lbs $360.00 $288.00 $32.00 FREE $288.00
Sizzlefish 10.5 lbs $359.85 $359.85 $34.27 FREE $359.85


Bulk Buy Salmon: Fillets or Portions?

For most of the above companies with bulk salmon for sale, they offer poth portions and fillets. We don’t really have an opinion, as most of this comes down to how your household eats and manages leftovers, the freezer, and list of other things too long to mention. If you need to walk away with some kind of advice, we would say that for couples, we would recommend the portions. For families and regular gatherings, fillets make more sense.

Fillets are a touch easier to cook because you have only one piece to cook, but fillets often have thick spots and thin spots and it can be tricky to cook the entire fillet perfectly.

One final note if you buy salmon fillets. Be sure to check the size of the fillet IN LENGTH, not just weight. Some of these salmon fillets can get quite big and *might* not fit into your freezer. Or maybe only a couple fit in the freezer, and if you buy salmon fillets in bulk they all might not fit. So make sure you have room, and double check during the ordering process that everything will fit, lengthwise.

King Salmon or Sockeye Salmon?

Don’t make us choose between king or sockeye. We don’t wanna. They are both great. Totally preference. But for some practical advice, let’s start by checking in with our friends over at Nutrition Advance about the fat content of king salmon vs sockeye salmon. That page is very detailed, but doesn’t compare things easily. In short, King salmon has 10.4 grams of fat per serving, and sockeye salmon has has 7.3 grams of fat per serving. The nearly 50% greater fat content of king helps make it more delicious, but also reduces its freezer life cycle. Fat can only handle a freezer for so long. In general, wild salmon lasts about 2 months in the freezer, even less time with the fattier species.

For additional practical views on which species of bulk salmon to purchase…We find sockeye salmon to be more versatile. It definitely has a more distinct flavor thank king salmon, which can overpower certain dishes, but it also less expensive and thus less of a sacrilege to put it in pasta or breakfast bowls than king would be.

Both types, we believe, demand to be set alone without much dressing up, seasoning, or other recipe intervention.

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