King crab merus is the highly sought-after jumbo chunk of a crab’s leg, located between its shoulder knuckle and its second knuckle. This particular part of a king crab is known (and prized) for its sweet flavor and tender texture. In fact, king crabs themselves are already considered extremely special, but the merus is even more of a specialty. Up your dinner party game and try it out.

Finding King Crab Merus Online

As Merus are more of a specialty item, this type of king crab is VERY difficult to find and typically costs about $60 per pound. The merus usually costs more per pound than king crab claws. Many sites are out of stock or backordered, so put in your orders whenever you see merus available online.

The only company we have found that will ship king crab merus to your door is Seabear Smokehouse. They sell golden king crab merus in 2lb bundles for $99. And Monster red king meru sections for $179. Everyone claims to sell out fast, but with merus we believe it, so don’t waste time if you’re interested.

King Crab Merus Recipes

Let’s get to the meat of it! If you purchase king crab merus frozen, it can be reheated in a few different ways like steaming, boiling, or baking. First-timers, don’t fret. Creating a scrumptious crab dinner is easier than you might think. It only takes about 5-8 minutes to cook king crab. For all the foodies out there, king crab has some impressive plating opportunities depending on which recipe you pick.

The classic crab dinner, with bibs and lots of napkins, is often enjoyed the “Northwest” way by keeping it casual and fun. Make sure to prepare some drawn butter and add some garlic or lemon if that is your preference. Pair the meal with white wine or a malty ale (lemonade or iced tea works for those who don’t partake of alcohol).

Bonus tips: Keep small bowls of hot tea and lemon on the table for guests to dab and clean sticky fingers. Have crushed saltines ready at the end of the meal for guests to get excess crab meat (and smell) off their hands.

A wonderful recipe to have on hand for any seafood lover is drawn butter, which can be eaten with king crab merus, lobster, or clams. Master this basic recipe and keep it in your rotation for shelled favorites.

If you are feeling fancy, or hosting a special dinner, check out this recipe for open ravioli of king crab and kohlrabi, small marinated tomatoes and a vinaigrette of wheatgrass and rapeseed oil. A symphony of texture and flavor, and a totally different way to prepare crab and surprise your guests.

Deconstruct the typical crab-eating table experience and try out red king crab with cream sauce. The butter-based sauce cooks with the king crab merus, melting and absorbing into the succulent meat. Prepare this dish if you love crab but want to skip the mess that comes along with eating it!

A crab boil done right! Add crab legs to a pot of water with your favorite beer, lemons, and garlic in this Drunken Crab Legs recipe. Keep some drawn butter on hand for serving and try out this sure-fire summer dinner classic.

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