A whole Alaskan king crab is so visually stunning that it could be the centerpiece for a meal. Its eye-catching beauty and amazing flavor make king crab a hot-ticket item. Its sweet and tender meat will leave the whole group satisfied. An Alaskan king crab weighs anywhere from 6 to 10 pounds and will cost a couple hundred dollars. Since whole king crabs tend to run on the more expensive side, shipping is often included in the final price.

When purchasing a crab piece-meal, it is sometimes difficult to tell how long that prepared meat has been shucked and prepared. It is sometimes easier to guarantee freshness when buying a whole crab. Make it a fun family project to prepare the whole crab together! The sense of involvement could make the meal that much more delicious.

Buying a whole crab provides some flexibility because customers can prepare it any way that they prefer. Whole Alaskan king crab can be eaten boiled and with butter, or, once the shell has been shucked and the meat dug out, there is a whole world of soups, rolls, dips, and crab cakes to be prepared.

Whole King Crab Prices

Company Price/lb Minimum Order Reviews Rating Website
Seabear Smokehouse $57.50 $325 100 4.6 Website

Geographical Information

King crabs are the largest type of crab and very dangerous to catch. Alaskan king crabs are caught from October through January off the coast of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. The fishing vessels are anywhere from 50 to 300 feet in length, and there are about 100 of these boats fishing for king crab off Alaskan shores. The catch period has been extended to alleviate pressures on an overfished species.

Alaskan king crabs prefer freezing waters and will migrate to find their preferred temperatures.

How Are Whole Crabs Shipped?

When a customer purchases a whole Alaskan king crab for sale online, the crab will often arrive at their doorstep in a styro-insulated container with dry ice, air cushions, bubble wrap, and a thermo-reflective liner. Seafood is usually shipped out within a day of ordering so that it will arrive fresh. Many companies will try and guarantee that no whole wild Alaskan king crab will arrive broken. This issue is much more prevalent in whole crabs than if a consumer was to order just legs and claws.

When Are Whole Crabs Available?

Keep an eye out: whole Alaskan king crab for sale during the fall and winter. Because the catching season is so brief, there is typically a limited annual supply of Alaskan king crab available for purchase. Once that limited number of crabs is sold, the wait for next year’s catch begins. In fact, online retailers often sell out incredibly quickly because of king crab’s popularity. Most seafood retailers advertise ordering whole king crab early.

Do what you can to buy in-season because that meat will be freshest and best. Most retailers will sell fully cooked king crab, which lasts up to three days in a refrigerator. If you buy whole Alaskan king crab live, cook the day you get them, if possible.

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