Live lobster delivery is especially popular certain times of the year like Christmas Eve, Valentine’s Day, and the Fourth of July. That said, those who haven’t tried live lobster may not completely understand the hype. The truth is that live lobster, especially cold-water lobster from Maine, provides more than convenience and a great meal. Any type of meal shipping comes with a range of additional benefits including a quality guarantee. If you’re not sure if live lobster delivery is the best option for your upcoming special event, the ordering benefits listed below are sure to sway you in the right direction.

Live Lobster Quality Guaranteed

When you order from a lobster company, a quality assurance is often baked into the provider’s Terms and Conditions language. If your lobster gets lost on the way, arrives in poor condition, or does not otherwise hold up to your standards, most providers will provide a full refund or re-fill the order. This is far different from how most other lobster is bought and consumed. If you’re not satisfied with the crustacean you purchased at the grocery store, you’re less likely to get a refund than if you had the lobster shipped to your door. For most people, this quality assurance is often well-worth the added cost of shipping.

Buying a Gourmet Dinner Without the Stress

Shelling out for live lobster delivery is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to prepare a gourmet meal in the comfort of your home. When you order online, you’ll have the satisfaction of preparing the meal yourself, saving money on what might otherwise constitute a preparation fee or tip at a restaurant. Additionally, live lobster is extraordinarily easy to cook, and most providers include preparation instructions online or with the order. You’ll feel great about your meal, accomplished that you cooked something so delicious – and you might even wind up saving some money along the way.

Flexible Dates and Shipping Options

The best part of live lobster delivery is the ability to choose exactly when your shipment arrives. Sure, if you buy lobster at the grocery store, you’ll have the convenience of choosing your exact pick-up time. But what if you don’t have space in your schedule to go to the quality seafood market before hosting an event? Most lobster providers offer flexible shipping options. Most shipping arrives the next day, but some providers who use FedEx will allow you to specify a delivery window. In all cases, you’ll be able to provide a note with instructions for the delivery person. Whether you’re home or at work, this is an easy way to ensure your lobster arrives on time, at your door, and in good condition.

Finding the Best Live Lobster Delivery for You

No matter where you live, lobster delivered from Maine is widely available. You’ll likely have a variety of options when selecting your lobster provider. If this is the first time you’ve ordered live lobster delivery, you might be wondering where to start. Below, we’ve detailed three of the most important aspects of a provider to look for when making your decision.

  • Range of products. If you’re in the market for a 2lb lobster, you shouldn’t have to choose between 1.25lb and 3lb options. Most providers will have a variety of lobster sizes and weights, but if a company doesn’t have the size you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to move to the next option.
  • Transparent sourcing. A Maine lobster is only as good as its name. In other words, you shouldn’t shell out for an expensive dinner if you don’t know exactly where it came from. Some providers go as far as to provide the names of or information for contractors and fishers. The more information a company provides about its operation, the more you can trust their product.
  • Delivery that works for you. Most lobster companies have a range of shipping options. However, some smaller providers may be subject to the whims of their delivery contractors. If you need lobster delivered on a specific date and at a specific time, look for a company that offers that level of specialization.


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