Have you heard that lobster is an absolute treat of a meal only to be disappointed by your first taste? It could be that you’re eating the wrong kind of lobster. Many people in Florida assume that Caribbean spiny lobster is a better option because at least it’s fresh. People on the west coast have their own version of warm-water spiny lobster. But no matter how fresh or how well selected your lobster is, it’s not going to compare to live Maine lobster delivery.

The most obvious difference is the firmer, meatier texture and sweeter flavor of cold-water lobster. Most everybody can detect these differences, and it’s not like different brands of soda. The cold-water lobster is simply better. In fact, some warm-water lobster is even described as having a faint ammonia flavor. Lobster’s reputation for delectable seafood is built on the quality delivered by Maine lobster companies.


Cost and Quality of Live Maine Lobster Delivery

Sure, some seafood aficionados will tell you they can tell the difference between lobster in a local restaurant and live lobster that’s been shipped across the country, but these same experts will tell you the difference pales in comparison to that of warm-water lobster. So long as you’re working with a reputable Maine lobster company and you’re ready to receive and cook the lobster within the day, you can reliably bring the authentic taste and experience of Maine lobster to your door, nearly anywhere in the country.

Of course, there is one big advantage that comes with a local New England restaurant—the price tag. Live Maine lobster delivery costs more because of the shipping. There are short-term storage tanks, extensive packaging materials, and the increased cost of expedited shipping. If there’s a storm or if planes are otherwise grounded, the company must find a way to absorb these failed delivery costs. Some lobster companies also work with third-party services that specialize in tracking and facilitating live seafood shipments.

Local seafood markets are another option that may seem great at first but can be a disappointment compared to live lobster delivery. The lobster tanks may hold lobster for several days in which they are alive but slowly degrade in quality. Quite often, lobster delivered to your front door will have been caught more recently. Even lobster tanks that are performing properly do a poor job of recreating a lobster’s natural habitat.

A lot of people are looking for the convenience that comes with front-door delivery and the flavor and texture that lobster is so well known for. And they’re willing to pay a little bit more to get it. Even if it’s not your regular go-to meal, it’s a great way to host a special event or impress someone you know who has very discerning tastes.


How Live Maine Lobster Delivery Works

Even when it sounds appealing, most people need a little more information about what to expect. Many companies, but not all, will include shipping as part of the total cost. Prices can seem widely variable at first, and there is considerable difference between companies. However, this cost difference is often not as big as it first appears by the time you account for shipping, lobster size, and discounts applied when ordering multiple lobsters.

While there may be limited options and/or increased costs with Sunday deliveries, you’ll generally have your pick of what date you want the lobster to arrive. Live lobster delivery isn’t like regular mail in which there is a range of dates to expect delivery. The lobster will arrive at your door at the designated time and place. Many companies even allow you to specify between AM and PM delivery options.

You can also find companies that take a more active approach to ensuring you get the authentic Maine lobster experience. Nearly all companies provide basic instructions and/or website resources that their customers can use, but some companies also offer direct customer service and a phone number in case you have any last-minute questions about storage, cooking, and serving your lobster dish.

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