If you’re on this page, you’re in the mood for lobster. You want to buy it online, you want it delivered to your door, and you want it to come from Maine. We’ll dive into why Maine lobster is great later on in this guide, but for now, we know what you want to see: prices, a cost-comparison tool, and links to buy Maine lobster online delivery right now. That’s exactly what we’ll provide.

Our Favorite Lobster Delivery Companies

Category Company Most Popular Size Average $/Lobster Dinner* Customer Ratings Go To
Highest Customer Ratings Lobster Anywhere 2 lb. $335 5.0
Best for Sustainability Crab Place 2 lb. $280 4.5
Best for Lobster Tails Cameron’s Seafood 12 oz. $350 4.7
Best Variety Fulton Fish Market 2 lb. $270 4.6
Best for Lobster Meat Wulf’s Fish 1 lb. N/A 4.8
Most Frequent Discounts Get Maine Lobster 1.5 lb. $275 4.9
Best Website Experience Winter Harbor Lobster Co-Op 1.5 lb. $335 4.6
Best for Smaller Lobsters Sanders Lobster Company 1.5 lb. $270 4.5

*Estimated cost of one item in the company’s most popular size.

If you’re looking for specific sizes, we have resources for 1.5-pound, 2-pound, 3-pound, and 5-pound live lobsters, as well as lobster tails and lobster meat. If you want to buy Maine lobster online delivery now, you’re in the right place.

Why is Maine Lobster Better?

Americans buying lobsters typically find two options: Maine lobsters and warm-water lobsters. We prefer the Maine variety for several reasons. While warm-water lobsters will be less expensive, they don’t have the characteristic lobster taste and texture. Plus, when cooked, warm-water lobster meat can become soft and mushy. By contrast, Maine lobster meat firms up, becoming tender yet buoyant. If you’re after that characteristic Maine lobster experience, there’s only one option: to buy lobster from Maine.

All of the lobster providers featured on our site source and sell the crustaceans from Maine. This means you can buy confidently, no matter which provider you choose. That said, we have relationships with a few special providers who do great work. If you’re interested in buying from one of our affiliates, see the below list of lobster providers.

How is Maine Lobster Online Delivery Changing?

Maine lobster online delivery has only gotten more streamlined in recent years. Most companies now offer easy checkout options, overnight shipping, and a quality assurance guarantee, allowing you to feel confident in your purchase. That said, some things about the industry are changing outside of our control.

While Maine lobster hauls for the past few seasons have been comparable to former years, data show that lobsters are moving north, out of American and into Canadian waters. The reason? These cold-water crustaceans are, well, seeking cold water. As ocean temperatures continue to warm, these little guys are moving northward to find the habitat in which they’ve evolved to thrive. This means there will be fewer Maine lobsters available in the coming years, but don’t worry – the lobster population is still going strong. You may just have to buy them from Canada.

So, while we might see more advertising for “Canadian lobster” in the coming decades, for now, Maine lobster is the best you can buy. If you need help making a purchase, consult any of our lobster resources. We’ve listed some of our favorites below.

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