Buying seafood takes some planning and effort to make sure that you have enough, that what you buy is good quality, and that what you have will last until you need it. For these reasons, many people opt not to buy seafood altogether. In some cases, they give up trying and simply buy what they see in the grocery store. We are firm believers that you should be buying seafood online. In this case, we are talking specifically about crawfish. Crawfish is a hallmark of Cajun cooking in Louisiana and is abundant in the area. Fortunately, you do not have to live in the Big Easy to easily enjoy fresh crawfish wherever you are. We will run through crawfish online delivery and give you the steps for ordering crawfish to your door.

Company Min. Order Price/lb (Value) Price/lb (Select) Price/lb (Jumbo) Shipping Go To
The Crab Place 3 lbs N/A N/A $11.00 $29.25
Cameron’s Seafood 5 lbs (cooked) N/A N/A $11.99 $39.99
Lousiana Crawfish Company 5 lbs $11.99 $10.99 N/A FREE 10 lbs $8.59 $6@150lbs $6@150lbs FREE
Kyle LeBlanc Crawfish Farms 30 lbs N/A $3.25 $3.45 $55.00+ 30 lbs $6.67 $7.99 N/A FREE
Cajun Grocer 30 lbs $6.29 $6.79 N/A FREE

Ordering Crawfish Online

It is better to buy crawfish delivered than to buy it in a grocery store. The first reason to buy crawfish online is the freshness factor. Many Cajun crawfish delivery services offer live or cooked crawfish. Regional orders in areas surrounding Louisiana can ship out within the next day, according to Louisiana Crawfish Company. In the grocery store, the crawfish available have likely been sitting in the case. It is not easy to guarantee that those crawfish are fresh. Crawfish bought directly from online sellers is the best way to know the seafood’s source and know it will be fresh. Knowing where your crawfish comes from is important for environmental reasons, too. Seafood Watch marks crawfish the best choice but only when crawfish farmed in ponds. Crawfish caught in basins of Louisiana or abroad in China have a significant negative impact on the environment.

How Crawfish Online Delivery Works

Crawfish is available to order in a few ways. Some crawfish online delivery services offer live crawfish. Live crawfish typically sell by the pound, but some sites may have order minimums. Louisiana crawfish can also ship pre-cooked.

The popular cooking method for pre-cooked crawfish is boiling. Boiling locks in the freshness of the fish. Depending on the seller, you may be able to choose between frozen, cooked crawfish or just chilled. This option is convenient because if you were planning to use the crawfish upon arrival, you would not have to wait for the crawfish to thaw before using it. Similarly, picking a frozen Cajun crawfish delivery selection might be a better choice if you wanted to use the crawfish later. Like many other online seafood purchases, crawfish ships in special refrigerated packaging.

The packaging is designed to keep the crawfish cold throughout its journey. It is important to note that crawfish online delivery is not available everywhere in the United States. Be sure to check a company’s selling region to see if they deliver to you. Many sites send out orders the same day if you place your order before a certain time. Each website may have slightly different processes, so check on shipping details before you order.

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