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Louisiana Crawfish Company Prices

Order Size Price/lb (Value) Price/lb (Select) Price/lb (Jumbo)  Shipping Order
5-9 lbs $10.99 $11.99 N/A INCLUDED
10-14 lbs $6.89 $7.89 N/A INCLUDED
15-19 lbs $5.89 $6.89 N/A INCLUDED
20-29 lbs $5.29 $6.29 N/A INCLUDED
30-39 lbs $4.99 $5.99 N/A INCLUDED
40-49 lbs $4.89 $5.89 N/A INCLUDED
50-59 lbs $4.79 $5.79 N/A INCLUDED
500+lbs $4.29 $5.29 N/A INCLUDED

Get to Know Louisiana Crawfish Company

Founded: 1985

Mailing Address:

140 Russell Cemetery Road

Natchitoches, LA 714571

Phone: 888-522-72921; 800-221-8060




This family-owned and operated business is the biggest live crawfish company in Louisiana. Since 1985, the success of Louisiana Crawfish Company has come from a commitment to quality, service, and price. You can expect a shipment of high-quality live crawfish delivered to your door on time. They work with FedEx, UPS, and Southwest Cargo to deliver their crawfish and other seafood products throughout the country and internationally. As their family crawfish farm can no longer support the demand they get for live crawfish, they’ve developed relationships with other fishermen throughout the region to bring crawfish to more people.

Louisiana Crawfish Company has earned several accolades and media features over the years and are a great place to turn for crawfish and other Louisiana seafood. Crawfish and Cajun seafood enthusiasts can also look to take advantage of their Crawfish VIP club. For $40 per year, members automatically get 5% off every order, in addition to other special discounts and offers. 


The company says that free shipping is included on orders of $100 or more for perishable seafood and orders of $50 or more for non-perishable items. When we used the website, however, even smaller orders including shipping, albeit at a higher price per pound. There is an order delivery request form that allows you to verify that Louisiana Crawfish Company serves your address and if any additional fees may apply. A $10 surcharge is commonly added for Saturday or Monday delivery. Their relationship with major freight carriers means lower shipping costs and active tracking of packages until delivery is confirmed.  

Depending on where you live, how much you’re ordering, and whether you’re available to travel to the airport, you can get further discounts on your shipping and the total cost of your order. If you live in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, eastern Texas, or southwest Alabama, you can get regional ground shipping on live crawfish at a better price. If you’re ordering 40lbs or more, you can also get a sizable discount through Southwest Cargo Pickup. However, you must live in a city that Southwest Cargo serves, and you must be willing to pick the package up from the airport.

Harvesting and Packaging

Louisiana Crawfish Company meticulously manages their live crawfish farm, but they’re also careful to only partner with fishermen who share their commitment to best practices. These include fishermen in the Atchafalaya Basin and throughout the state. These relationships also the company to sell live crawfish throughout the entire season which typically runs from December through July.

The company grades, washes and chills their catch each day to ensure freshness. They use durable, reusable shipping cartons. They’re also the only company to offers four different grades/sizes for their crawfish: Jumbo, Select, Field Run, and Bait. Along with delivery, these best practices for harvesting and packaging are included in the price. The company prides itself on not charging customers hidden fees.

Types of Crawfish

Live crawfish, boiled crawfish, purged crawfish, crawfish tail meat

Other Seafood Products

Alligator, turtle, shrimp, blue crab, frog legs, oysters, assorted fish and meats