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10 lbs $8.59 N/A N/A INCLUDED
15 lbs $7.73 N/A N/A INCLUDED
20 lbs $7.15 N/A N/A INCLUDED
30 lbs $6.17 N/A N/A INCLUDED
40 lbs $6.83 N/A N/A INCLUDED
50 lbs $6.58 N/A N/A INCLUDED
60 lbs $6.13 N/A N/A INCLUDED
90 lbs $6.11 N/A N/A INCLUDED
150 lbs $6.10 $6.23 $6.23 INCLUDED

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Founded: 1983

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 393, Branch, LA 70516

Phone: 888-254-8626




This family-owned crawfish company was officially started in 1983, but the company’s founders, Mike and Mark, have been sourcing crawfish since they were children. The boys got a taste for live crawfish when they were 8 and 10 years old and began to fish on a nearby property. Years later, while in college, they hatched an idea to start their own live crawfish farm to work their way through school. Little did they know, would grow into a wildly popular crawfish business.

Now, Mark manages the growing and Mike manages the selling. They now grow 1500 acres of rice and 1500 acres of crawfish, making for a full-service seafood company that covers major markets in Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma. ships live crawfish directly to customer doors from their family farm in Branch, LA. These guys don’t brag about being the biggest or oldest company in the nation, but they know how much hard work is required to make a great product. That’s exactly what they’ve been doing for over thirty years.


All live crawfish orders include the cost of shipping. offers next day customized shipping, which allows customers to pre-order crawfish for backyard boils, special dinners, and everything in between. Live crawfish are shipped via FedEx Overnight and are available to ship the next day, but customers can choose different delivery dates at checkout. $77.99 will get you 10 pounds of fresh crawfish, shipping fees included. also has a satisfaction guarantee. This means if your package is damaged, the company will either ship more crawfish or give you your money back – even when it’s not their fault. They also guarantee to never ship field run, or crawfish that are straight out of the trap. Instead, each crawfish is hand-picked to ensure quality.

Harvesting and Packaging’s live crawfish are sent directly from their farm to your table. Co-founder Mark manages the farming process, meaning you can rest assured your order is in good hands. All crawfish are washed and cleaned prior to shipping, and live fish are packed carefully in ice boxes. All orders come with a “delivered live” guarantee.

Your order of live crawfish will also come with a few handy resources. When you open the box, you’ll find easy cooking and handling instructions, easy peel and eat instructions, 1 lb. of their “secret family spice,” and a card with all the phone and email support you might need.

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