You can choose from several different types of king crab for sale, each with their own special flavor and texture profile. Read about some of the most common types of king crab for sale below, as well as what price points you’ll find.

Company Price/lb Reviews Rating Order
Global Seafoods $52.50 1,129 4.6
Crab Place $48.59 569 4.5
Fulton Fish Market $51.11 604 4.4
Seabear Smokehouse $44.50 102 4.6
Cameron’s Seafood $76.66 105 5.0

Different Types Of King Crab For Sale This Season

Red King Crab – Many crab buyers consider red king crab the best in the world. Its sweet flavor makes it a delicacy, and its versatile texture is great for grilling and stir-frying. Red king crab is incredibly popular and accounts for about 75% of Alaska’s king crab catch.

Blue King Crab – Blue king crab is pretty rare compared to other types of king crab. Make sure to confirm with the seafood retailer that you are buying blue king crab, as some retailers will sell red king crab labelled as blue king crab.

Whole Alaskan King Crab – This is an expensive way to buy king crab. If you’re hoping to impress guests or treat yourself, then buying a whole Alaskan king crab is the way to go. You can use leftover crab meat to make a variety of crab meat recipes.

King Crab Legs – A popular way to enjoy king crab is ordering king crab legs, no matter what species of king crab you choose. Crab legs are easier to prepare than whole crab, especially if you cut them into smaller pieces.

Live King Crab – Other king crab items are usually sold frozen or cooked. A live king crab will arrive at your home while still alive. We recommend live king crab for experienced crab cooks, as the cooking process is involved and difficult.

King Crab Merus – The king crab merus is a piece of meat that comes from between the second knuckle and the shoulder knuckle. It’s a hot-ticket item that many seafood retailers will sell as a specialty item. Make sure to order king crab merus as early as possible because it usually sells out.


King Crab Prices

Size impacts the price of king crab for sale. Larger types of king crabs will cost more.

Typically runs about $45-$75 per pound, depending on where you’re buying from and how the king crab season is going that year.

If you’re ordering king crab legs, then sizing still determines the price. King crab leg sizes correlate to how many legs are in a 10-pound order. So, a 6/9 means that there are six to nine crab legs per 10 pounds. A lower number means that the legs are meatier and the price is probably higher!


Looking Beyond King Crab

The king crab for sale is usually more expensive than other types of crab. If you’re hoping to buy crab without breaking the bank, you can explore some cheaper options, including Dungeness crab, snow crab, and blue crabs. Some crab lovers insist that king crabs are superior in flavor and texture, but king crabs might not fit your budget. Check out our guide for buying crab legs on sale (hyperlink to other page from this week here) so you can enjoy crab without draining your bank account.

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