Salmon Prices

Fish Type Fish Price/lb Min Fish Order Shipping Order
Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon $   19.99 10 lbs $77.85
Sockeye Salmon $   19.99 1 lb $77.85
Alaskan King Salmon $   37.99 1 lb $77.85
Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker $29.99 10 lbs FREE


Company Name: Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker/Zernia Enterprises

Owners: Elle & Steve Zernia
Address: 303 South Harbor Street, P.O. Box 693, Seward, Alaska 99664-0693
Phone: (907) 224-8082; Toll Free No.: 1-877-323-6638

Company Overview

What started out as a small packaging and shipping facility for sport fishing, Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker has expanded to bring premium Alaskan seafood to consumers throughout the U.S. This local fishing family works with about 10 or so of the top charter fishing companies and sustainable fisheries in the area to source the best seafood available. Located right on the docks, they get a firsthand look at the fish that comes into Seward. From the ocean to their freezer to your table, the products are handled with care every step along the way. Salmon and halibut are among the absolute freshest products, often hand-filleted, vacuum-sealed, and frozen within hours of the catch. Other popular and locally-sourced seafood products are also available from Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker.


For orders of just 7lbs or more, most places in the United States will enjoy overnight FedEx delivery for a flat rate of just $35. A few locations may have a surcharge of $20, and for Hawaii, the shipping cost is $85. This price includes the insulated box, packing material, and gel-ice or dry-ice. If you happen to be in a place that’s not served by FedEx overnight delivery, you’ll have to look somewhere else. Captain Jack’s doesn’t ship its perishable seafood products except through overnight delivery. If there’s an issue with the shipment, the package is insured, but if you fail to get the package because of an incorrectly labeled package, you’re still going to have to pay. In most cases, FedEx will leave the box on your doorstep if no one is home. Captain Jack’s ships orders from Monday to Thursday, not including holidays. We will make every effort to ship your order on the next available ship day after it was received. Orders must be made before noon to go out with the following day’s shipment. However, you can request a specific ship day if you want to order beforehand.

Where They Fish

Seward and other Alaska fishing areas. The seafood is all locally-sourced, some of it more local than others. While their King Crab Legs are caught in the nearby Bering Sea, the salmon is caught in and around local Seward waters. This company means it when they say much of their salmon is hand-filleted, vacuum-sealed, and frozen within hours of being caught. You can’t get any fresher without going there in person.

Type of Fish

Wild Salmon, Alaskan Halibut, Smoked SalmonAlaskan King Crab Legs, Golden King Crab Legs, Snow Crab Legs, Black Cod & White Fish, Shrimp & Scallops

Seward Charter Fishing Companies

If you’re ever in Seward and want to go out and get your own catch, Captain Jack’s Seafood Locker can connect you with one of the charter fishing companies they work with. These charter fishing companies work with Captain Jack’s to ensure the highest-quality fish and seafood with sustainable fishing practices.