Small lobster tails are usually the tails from 1-1.25 lb lobster. These lobster tails are easier to cook perfectly because there is less meat to manage, and they tend to be sweeter (read: better) than their larger cousins. That said, as with live lobsters, smaller tails generally have deeper supplies and cheaper prices.

But how much does a small lobster tail cost? The price grid below illustrates a wide range of cost options. Find one that works with your budget. 


4-6 Ounce Small Maine Lobster Tails

Company Min. Order Price/Tail* Price/4 Tails** Company Rating Go To
The Crab Place 2 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT 4.7
Get Maine Lobster 4 $27.25 $109.99 4.9
Fulton Fish Market (from CAN) 1 $20.99 $83.96 4.4
Lobster Anywhere 1 SOLD OUT N/A 5.0
Global Seafoods 5 lbs (18-20 tails) $13.00 $234.00 4.6

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These prices do not include shipping.

** Price for 4 lobster tails INCLUDES shipping based on a standardized location. Exact costs may vary.

We generally recommend medium or small-sized lobster tails, especially for first-timers who aren’t yet sure of their favorite way to eat lobster. Plus, the 6 oz lobster tail price is a lot more accessible than 10-14 oz tails. Don’t be confused by the weight of the frozen, shipped lobster tail. Accounting for the shell and water weight, guests will need at least 2-3 tails to feel like they had a reasonably full meal.

For gourmet chefs, the biggest reason to choose smaller or larger lobster tails is often in the presentation. If the lobster tails are seen as only one of the featured ingredients on the plate, then smaller tails probably make more sense. Larger tails are probably better if you want the lobster to be the focal point of the entree.

Cooking Times for Small Tails

For many people, it’s a thrill to simply get the fundamentals of cooking lobster tails right for the first time. Let’s start with the basic cooking times for small tails. If cooking large batches of more than 6 tails at a time, then it may be necessary to cook the tails for an extra minute, especially if you don’t move the tails around during the cook. Folks may disagree on how to cook small lobster tails, so know that these are just guidelines. Some trial-and-error may be necessary to produce the best results. 

Boiling Times for 4-6 oz Lobster Tails: 4-6 minutes

Steaming Times for 4-6 oz Lobster Tails: 5-8 minutes

Fresh Maine lobster tails can also be broiled, baked, or grilled.

Does Size Matter for Lobster Tails?

Most people searching for a specific sized lobster tail have a recipe or meal in mind. But if you’re new to buying lobster tails, you’re probably wondering: What does size have to do with anything? When you buy tails, price will be the biggest difference. The bigger the tail, the more you’ll pay. However, some lobster aficionados say that small lobster tails are sweeter and more tender than larger options. We think a lot of this comes down to accidentally overcooking the larger tails, but we won’t rule this out entirely.  

If you’re looking for a quick understanding of how size differs between lobsters, the Get Maine Lobster image below is a great illustration. 

lobster tail sizes


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