Getting fresh lobster delivered to your door is easy, but understanding the nuance in the process is slightly more difficult. Below, you’ll find a few select lobster delivery companies we know and trust to bring the freshest lobster to your door. We’ve selected the following companies, all in the 2-pound lobster category, because of their excellent shipping and delivery track records.


Company Min. Order Price/lobster* Price/4 Lobsters** Shipping Go To
Fulton Fish Market 2 $47.78 $191.61 Free@$99+
Maine Lobster Now 1 $42.99 $216.46 $44.50
Lobster Anywhere 1 $49.95 $240.00 $48.00
The Crab Place 2 $74.50 $346.56 $86.95

If you’re curious about getting fresh lobster delivered, the below guide is designed to walk you through the process – from why this is the best form of seafood shopping to how shipping and handling works. And, if you don’t find a company you like in the grid above, remember that we have a robust database of lobster companies. Go check it out to see if you can find better deals.

The Benefits of Getting Lobster Delivered

Getting fresh lobster delivered to your door is the easiest form of seafood buying. When you shop this way, you won’t need to get in your car, you won’t need to go to the grocery store, and you can easily learn about the product you buy. When you order lobster online, you bypass the middlemen in the seafood processing chain, allowing you to get your order quickly and efficiently.

This type of seafood buying also allows customers to have a better understanding of a lobster’s quality. Online seafood providers are often very transparent about their sourcing and shipping practices. Most love to discuss how quickly the lobster moves from the ocean to your doorstep. If you choose to visit a grocery store rather than getting fresh lobster delivered to your door, you have less information about the animal. You won’t know exactly where it came from, when it was taken from the ocean, or how long it’s been in the grocery store’s tank.

How is Lobster Delivered?

The lobster shipping process might seem confusing to consumers, but seafood providers have it down to a science. When your lobster purchase arrives at a company, an employee will begin processing the order. If you buy your lobster early in the morning, it will often be processed the same day. If you order later in the afternoon, your order will be processed the next day. Companies have their own cut-off times for these deliveries, so be sure to check your provider’s guidelines.

Once the order is processed, an employee will prepare your purchase. This typically includes packing lobsters of the appropriate weights into a Styrofoam container. The container is also filled with a cooling agent, either in the form of gel packs or ice cubes. Some companies like to throw seaweed into the mix as an added touch.

Once the package is ready to go, it is delivered to the shipping processor, who will then overnight the product to your doorstep. If you don’t include a note in your order, your delivery person will decide where to leave the package. If you plan to be out of the house when the fresh lobster delivered to your door, consider leaving instructions for the delivery person.