Fresh lobster delivery is easy. Our thorough lobster delivery guide is here to help you understand the ordering process and find a company that works for you.

Forget the hassle of figuring out if fish market lobster is fresh or not. Getting fresh lobster delivered to your door is the easiest way to enjoy delicious lobster with your family and friends.

Below, you’ll find a few select lobster delivery companies we know and trust to bring the freshest lobster to your door. We’ve selected the following companies because of their excellent shipping and delivery track records.

Our Top Maine Lobster Delivery Companies

Category Company Most Popular Size Average $/Lobster Dinner* Customer Ratings Go To
Highest Customer Ratings Lobster Anywhere 2 lb. $335 5.0
Best for Sustainability Crab Place 2 lb. $280 4.5
Best for Lobster Tails Cameron’s Seafood 12 oz. $350 4.7
Best Variety Fulton Fish Market 2 lb. $270 4.6
Best for Lobster Meat Wulf’s Fish 1 lb. N/A 4.8
Most Frequent Discounts Get Maine Lobster 1.5 lb. $275 4.9
Best Website Experience Winter Harbor Lobster Co-Op 1.5 lb. $335 4.6
Best for Smaller Lobsters Sanders Lobster Company 1.5 lb. $270 4.5

*Estimated cost for 4 lobsters (or tails), potential add-ons, and shipping.

If you’re curious about lobster delivery, this guide is designed to walk you through the process – from learning about trusted seafood retailers to how shipping and handling works.


What Companies Ship Lobster?

Online seafood providers are often very transparent about their sourcing and shipping practices. However, you should consider more than just shipping practices when picking a lobster retailer. You might find that the option of buying seafood tools is important to you, or having access to seafood recipes, tips, and guides. Ultimately, you should choose the company that works best for your price point, and whose offerings are most appealing to you.

Read about a few of our favorite online seafood retailers to help you make your decision.

The Crab Place delivers fresh East coast seafood to your doorstep. Check out their seasonings and sauces for an extra boost in your cooking.

Fulton Fish Market opened in 1822 and continues to distribute fresh, flavorful seafood. A team of market veterans and a Culinary Institute of America trained chef select items from the market daily to send to customers.

Lobster Anywhere sends fresh Maine lobsters to customers all over the United States. The company prides itself on their attention to quality and the lobster packaging’s distinctive classic flair.

Global Seafoods considers itself “more than a fish market.” The website is full of innovative recipes and tips, complete with the expertise you’re used to finding at a local market.

Still searching for the right fit? Take a look at our robust database of lobster companies for more options. Once you decide on a company, your lobster delivery is just a few clicks away.


How Much Does it Cost to Ship Live Lobster?

Companies structure the cost of shipping in different ways. Some companies will provide free shipping after you spend a certain amount, while others include shipping in their prices, and still others will calculate an additional shipping cost at the end of your online purchase.

Make sure to check shipping policies as you make your decision. The range of shipping policies means that lobster delivery also has a range of possible costs.

The shipping price for live lobster can range from $20 to over $80, depending on the size of the order, delivery date, and company shipping policies. The bigger the order, the higher the shipping price. The price grid above provides a more comprehensive look at specific companies’ prices.


How Can I Buy a Live Lobster?

If you need a one-stop-shop for ordering lobster online, we have a handy 4-step process with links to other helpful pages on our site.

  1. Pick Your Seafood: Typically, you’ll have a choice of live lobster, lobster meat, or lobster tails, depending on the retailer. You can add other types of seafood, too.
  2. Pick Amount of Seafood: Calculate how many lobsters you’ll need, and figure out which size lobster works for your order. A little leftover lobster never hurt anyone, but you want to make sure you’re not eating lobster for weeks or–even worse–not ordering enough.
  3. Schedule the Delivery: Whether you’re ordering for tomorrow or ordering months in advance, lobster retailers are ready for your order. Check for each company’s cut-off time for next-day delivery.
  4. Unbox and Cook: Store the lobster in the refrigerator in some moist newspaper until you’re ready to cook. We’ve got you covered with cooking and cleanup tips.


How is Lobster Delivered?

Seafood companies have seafood delivery down to a science. This overnight delivery process helps keep your order, lobster or otherwise, safe and secure until it reaches you.

  1. When your lobster purchase arrives at a company, an employee will begin processing the order. If you buy your lobster early in the morning, it will often be processed the same day. Companies have their own cut-off times for these deliveries, so be sure to check your provider’s guidelines.
  1. Once the order is processed, an employee will prepare your package. This typically includes packing the lobsters into a Styrofoam container with a cooling agent, like gel packs or ice cubes.
  2. The company then delivers the package to a shipping processor, who will overnight it to your doorstep. If you plan to be out of the house during the time of delivery, consider leaving instructions for the delivery person.

Now that you have all the necessary information, start planning your next (or first) lobster order. You don’t need a special occasion! Have a nice Sunday dinner or even a romantic evening for two complete with fresh lobster.

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