Update: The pricing on this page was last updated on 12/8/2020

Looking for lobster for sale online? We’re here to help you out. The below grid reflects some of the best lobster companies we’ve been able to find online. Take a scroll through and see if you find what you need.

Fresh 1.25lb Maine Lobsters

Company Min. Order Price/Lobster* Price/4 Lobsters** Shipping Go To
Fulton Fish Market 2 $27.00 $175.00 Free@$99+
Lobster Anywhere 1 $28.95 $159.80 $44.00
Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound 3 $35.64 $129.00 FREE
Lucky Catch Lobster 2 $31.60 $107.99 FREE
Lobster Gram 2 $47.50 $207.00 $51.00

If you need different sizes, check out our full lobster directory.

Not sure quite how to read the grid? The explainer below will walk you through the process and point out some important tactics when ordering lobster for sale online.


Using the Quality Seafood Delivery Database

We at Quality Seafood Delivery have put a lot of hours – probably too many – into building out price grids for various lobster sizes. Using data sourced directly from these lobster companies, we are able to provide one of the easiest tools available for lobster price comparison. We’ll walk you through the grid using Lobster Anywhere as an example.

Company Min. Order Price/lb* Price/4 Lobsters** Shipping Go To
Lobster Anywhere 1 $28.95 $159.80 $44.00

In the first column, you’ll see the company’s name. These names are linked. Depending on which company you choose, the link will either direct you to the company’s website or to our profile on them. Both of these will provide invaluable information about how the company sources their lobster, how long they’ve been around, and whether they have the lobster for sale online that you need.

In the next column, you’ll find the minimum number of lobster needed per order. Most companies that calculate shipping at the end of the process don’t have a minimum, which means you’ll likely see “1” in this space. If a company provides a flat shipping rate, the number will likely be 2 or more. This helps them better understand their shipping costs and guarantee that a purchase will allow them to break even on shipping and handling.

The next column includes the “price per pound” category. This allows customers to see the difference in per-pound price across companies. However, this number can be misleading. Often, companies that provide “free” shipping will have a much higher per-pound cost, as shipping prices are incorporated into the price. As a result, we’ve provided another comparison tool.

The column to the right is the “total price for 4 lobsters” column, which provides the best point of comparison. We calculated this price to include shipping and additional costs. If you’re looking for the best bargain, this is the column to use.


Choosing Your Lobster Delivery Provider

Finding lobster for sale online is easy. Choosing a provider is difficult. If you don’t have a lobster company you know and trust, use these tips to pick one out of our database. Remember that the companies on our site have been vetted for quality, so choosing one of them is likely your best option.

  • Look for a variety of products
  • Seek out positive reviews from former customers
  • Check their customer service and refund policy
  • Research any sustainability accreditation
  • Think about how much lobster you need
  • See if the cost is within your budget

Importantly, you’ll want to check out the lobster company’s website. Do they have a story they like to share? How easy is the check-out process? All of these factors can help you decide if you’ve found the lobster company you need.

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