Company Name: Maine Lobster Boys

Owner: Tucker Jordan

Address: 81 Old Ocean House Road, Cape Elizabeth, Maine 04107

Phone: (207) 831-7907

Contact Email:


Lobster Prices




Maine Lobster Boys has been in business for just over 10 years, but don’t let that number fool you. Tucker Jordan, the company’s owner, comes from a long line of local farmers and fishermen. In addition to running Maine Lobster Boys, Tucker is the Vice President of Jordan’s Farm, a 350-year-old farm that has been owned and operated by the Jordan family since the 17th century. When you buy shellfish from Maine Lobster Boys, you’re not only investing in a local, family-owned business – you’re also reaping the rewards of hundreds of years of lobster fishing mastery.

While Maine Lobster Boys is operated out of Maine’s Cape Elizabeth, their lobster and steamers are shipped live, cooked, and/or picked around the country. They only supply the highest quality Maine Lobster they can find, making them confident that first orders will transition buyers into lifelong customers.


Maine Lobster Boys takes lobster orders every day of the week, preparing orders for shipment on your schedule. Customers can choose between 1lb, 1.25lb, and 1.5lb lobsters, which range in price from $12.99 to $14.99. Unlike other companies, shipping costs are not factored into per pound pricing. Lobsters are shipped using UPS Next Day Air, and shipment costs are calculated at check-out.

This company does not provide any options for special delivery requests (I.e. choosing your preferred delivery day), so we recommend ordering your lobster the day prior to when you would like to eat them. Customers have the option to add order notes, however, so we recommend using the option to indicate where a delivery person should place your shipment should you be away from home when it arrives.

Harvesting Methods

Maine Lobster Boys operates out of Cape Elizabeth, Maine and is available shipped throughout the country and at local farmers markets. Their seafood is guaranteed to come right off the “Miss Lavena” or the “Hot Spot Too,” the founder’s family-owned and –operated lobster boats. This means the company sources lobster themselves, leading to a better understanding and control of the product’s quality. You can trust this company to provide good, fresh lobster because they inspect every crustacean before shipment.

Maine Lobster Boys specializes in Soft Shell Lobster, which is a lobster that has recently shed its shell to make room for a larger shell. Customers say that Soft Shell Lobster meat is sweeter than Hard Shell Lobsters, and they can be broken apart without the use of a nutcracker. However, there is less meat in a Soft Shell Lobster, so be sure to calculate your order poundage accordingly.

Recipes and Resources

Maine Lobster Boys has a “Captain’s Log” blog, which they use to provide a range of cooking and preparation instructions. These techniques range from steaming and boiling in salted or sea water to learning about when to know your lobster is fully cooked. If you live locally, you can also schedule boat tours with the Jordan family to see just how this delicious lobster is caught and prepared.

Type of Lobster

Whole fresh lobster, whole cooked, cooked meat

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