Company Name: Giovanni’s Fish Market and Galley

Owners: Giovanni DeGarimore

Mailing Address: 1001 Front St. Morro Bay, CA 93442

Phone: 877)  552-4467

Contact Email:




No matter whether you love a fancy lobster dinner or a rich lobster roll, Giovanni’s Fish Market and Galley offers premium stock in lobster, fish, and other seafood. Giovanni’s Fish Market and Galley is family owned and operated, and has been for thirty years. Giovanni’s has earned a considerable reputation in their fishing community in Morro Bay, California. Giovanni’s is a part of the local community, and employs local fishers, upholds local laws and sustainability guidelines, and raises funds and food for local food drives. This fish market stands out from other large suppliers of seafood and lobster because of their commitment to freshness and the high quality of the lobster they produce. Giovanni’s isn’t necessarily cheap, but with their firm belief in quality and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’re sure to be pleased with your order.


Part of their commitment to freshness is their quick turnaround when it comes to delivering your order. When you place an order, within 24 hours, your purchase will be caught, processed, and on its way to your door. It will be sent to you using overnight shipping services to keep the temperature of the package optimal. The packaging used in the delivery is intended to create a protective insulation for your frozen fish and fresh filets. They are packed in vacuum-sealed bags with ice packs, wrapped in styrofoam and secured in a cardboard box. All orders of $300 or more are eligible for free shipping, and there are frequent specials and coupons.

Harvesting Methods

Giovanni’s employs a small fleet of fishing boats. After viewing the catch of the day, Giovanni’s then buys the fish and seafood directly from the fishermen, and processes the catch immediately while still on the boat. This is considered one of the best practices in the lobster industry. This method helps to maintain the freshness of the catch and improve the flavor.

Recipes and Resources

Giovanni’s Fish Market and Galley has a wide social media presence on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, all of which can be navigated to on the left side of their website. They offer blog posts that cater to the home chef just starting out in the world of seafood, and the accomplished chef wishing to learn more about the different varieties of fish they offer. They also have links to recipes suitable for every kind of seafood they supply, so you’ll be able to choose your dinner and plan a meal all in the same place.

Type of Lobster

Lobster meat, lobster claws, lobster tails, whole lobster

Other Seafood Products

Abalone, crab, squid, shrimp