Company Name: Farm 2 Market

Mailing Address: Pier 45 shed B # 8, San Francisco, CA 94119

Phone: 800-477-2967

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Farm 2 Market is a unique online distributor specializing in fresh food. Everything you order through Farm 2 Market is made, caught, or harvested to order. This helps ease the environmental burden of over-fishing, and preserves the high quality flavor of the fish and seafood sold through Farm 2 Market. Farm 2 Market holds a lot of stock in their suppliers, and according to them, you won’t taste fresher fish!


As freshness is prioritized, all fish, seafood, and meat are held to high standards while harvesting and packaging your items before shipping them to you. Time isn’t the only factor when it comes to locking in the fresh flavor of the sea, it’s also about where you process it and how. All fish and seafood are shipped fresh, never frozen. Your order is processed right on the boat, and then packed into chilled and recyclable containers for shipping, before being sent to you overnight through FedEx.

Farm-2-Market uses flat rate shipping with FedEx. Your order will be sent out with same day shipping, and is guaranteed (by FedEx) to arrive at your address by 8:00pm for $50 to most area codes, or $55 if you want it delivered to you by noon.

Harvesting Methods

Farm 2 Market sources fresh catches from coasts and seasides all around the world in order to bring you the best food possible. When you order lobster through their site, it’ll come from the waters where it is being sustainably harvested at that time, like off the coast of Maine. Farm-2-Market works with fishermen co-ops to provide the best lobster available.

Recipes and Resources

Many recipes are available on their website, for the chef and beginner alike. Want to try a lobster roll, or tackle lobster thermidor? You’ll find plenty of guidance in their recipe book. All recipes are sorted by type of fish or seafood for easy reference. Farm 2 Market prioritizes fresh, tasty food, and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Type of Lobster

Live Pacific Spiny Lobster, Live New England Homarus Lobster, Fresh shucked lobster meat

Other Seafood Products

Caviar, Crab, shellfish, sockeye salmon, bass, oysters