Owners: Their website mentions three founders, but does not name them.

Year founded: It is unclear what year they were founded.

Address: They list two addresses on their site. One, presumably their headquarters, is 184 Beachwood Rd, Kennebunkport, Maine. The other is 1717 Idlewood Rd, Glendale CA 91202, which they list as a store address.

Phone: 310-545-2665

Contact Email: customerservice@bestmainelobster.com

Website: https://bestmainelobster.com/ 



Best Maine Lobster aims to bring the best lobster to your door. The people here have a love for Maine, the origins of the lobster they sell. They want you to have the experience of a bona fide lobster roll from your own kitchen with the proper amount of quality lobster and other delicious sides to go with.

Their passion for their product is clear on their site. They are dedicated to honor the people and food of Maine by sourcing the best ingredients. You can keep reading to learn about their shipping and their food offerings on their online store.



Best Maine Lobster has a handy shipping policy page on their site. They use next-day delivery only. This means that they do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii or any place that would need multiple-day shipping. Each package comes with a tracking number so that you can estimate a delivery time.


Where They Fish

Maine is the center of operations for Best Maine Lobster. The cold waters off the coast of Maine are the ideal location for lobsters to grow. Many believe that Maine lobsters are the best in the world. The fishers here aim to provide the best lobster Maine has to offer to your home kitchen.


What They Offer

The main event here is lobster. You can find pre-picked lobster meat, including tail, claw, and knuckle meat. They cook the meat before sending it, so when it arrives, it is ready to thaw and eat. You can also find cooked lobster tails if you prefer to eat out of the shell.

On top of the pure and simple lobster, you can find other goodies for sale. You can purchase lobster roll meal kits which come with everything you would need to recreate an authentic lobster roll. This means split rolls, mayonnaise, and of course lobster meat. It can also mean several sides. They pair the lobster rolls with their lobster mac and cheese, clam chowder, and chocolate whoopie pies, among some others. All of their food is pre-prepared, so they do not sell any live lobsters.


Quality and Sustainability

According to their website, Best Maine Lobster sources all their lobsters from fishers who hit the cold waters of Maine to find the best lobsters. They then swiftly process the lobster and prepare it for selling. This means cooking and picking lobster meat to sell on its own or turning the lobster meat into other dishes like lobster risotto or lobster pot pie. They use next-day shipping to ensure your order arrives fresh. We did not see any information about their sustainability practices.