Ordering any type of crab online should be carefully calculated. There are classic pitfalls that you may encounter if you are not sure what you should look out for during the process. Is the crab fresh? Did the provider properly seal it prior to delivery? Are you receiving the quantity of meat that is equal to what you are paying?

All of these questions can be answered by knowing what to check for before you place an order for a company to ship Dungeness crab to your house.

Dungeness Crab Prices

Company Price/lb Minimum Order Shipping Order
Global Seafoods $18.70 10 lbs $16.20
Lummi Island Wild $28.38 6 lbs FREE
Seabear Smokehouse $32.50 2 lbs $19.99
Cameron’s Seafood $35.33 3 lbs $39.99
Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood $44.95 1 lb Free@8lbs

Tips for Live Dungeness Crab Delivery

Live Dungeness crab is always the preferred choice when you are ordering the crab type online. Although it ranges between $30 to $50 per pound, many consider its flavor and freshness to outweigh the cost. When you select your provider, make sure that you are choosing a lively crab and not one that might be sick.

Overnight shipping is standard for all types of fresh crab. Doing so ensures the freshness of the product. If you placed an order for a company to ship Dungeness crab that is live to your house, as well as frozen products, inquire how the shipping team handles mixed packages. There are teams that will add dividers inside the styrofoam boxes that hold both fresh and frozen products to keep the Dungeness crab delivery products separated.

Once your order arrives, like with all live crabs, you can keep your Dungeness crab out of the water for 24 hours. However, make sure you keep the crab in a cool and moist environment.

How to Buy Frozen Dungeness Crab

Although live Dungeness crab ensures freshness and the best flavor, there are times when you need to order pre-cooked, frozen crab. Like live purchases, there are mistakes you can make if you do not know what to look for when buying crab.

When you prepare for your next Dungeness crab delivery, make sure that your Dungeness crab is as heavy as possible. It is also crucial that the crab legs are curled underneath it. If the crab’s legs are hanging, it indicates that the crab was not cooked while it was alive.

Another thing to consider when you are buying frozen Dungeness crab is that shipments will typically arrive partially thawed. However, there are some companies that include frozen gel packs in their shipments to allow the crab to be refrozen by the customer. Still, if you wish to prevent any thawing, make sure to add dry ice to your cart when you make your purchase.

Once your frozen Dungeness crab delivery arrives, you can keep the crab frozen for up to three months. To do so, make sure that it is properly stored and kept in an airtight container or kept in a freezer bag. While it is safe to eat Dungeness crabs after three months, it is recommended to eat them sooner to experience a higher quality. Otherwise, they will become mushy, soft and will taste bland.

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