Company Name: Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood

Address: 16050 Sterling Hwy, Ninilchik, AK 99639
Phone: (907) 567-3222; (866) 209-4882 (toll free)

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Seafood Prices for Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood

Salmon Type Salmon Price/lb Min Salmon Order Shipping Order
Sockeye Salmon $19.95 1 lb Free@8lbs
King Salmon $35.95 1 lb Free@8lbs
Alaskan Coho Salmon $19.95 1 lb Free@8lbs
Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Tails $14.95 1 lb Free@8lbs
Alaskan Halibut $33.95 1 lb $46.50
Smoked Sockeye Salmon $38.96 1 lb $46.50
Smoked King Salmon $38.96 1 lb $46.50


Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood is one of the biggest brands that is committed to sourcing and selling only 100% wild-caught Alaskan seafood. If you want consistent quality week-after-week, month-after-month, if you want the efficiency and selection that comes with a large-scale operation, Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood is the choice for you. Salmon is only one part of this full Alaskan seafood menu. Simply browse through the menu, build a shopping cart that fills your seafood needs for the next week or for the next month, and Tanner’s will get your order filled and delivered within a week, if not days.

In season, you can probably find salmon and seafood for a little better price from a small-scale family fishery, especially if you participate in a local buying club. Still, so long as you put enough items in your cart to qualify for free shipping, the overall price-point becomes competitive with other sources. Tweak future orders to respond to changing dietary preferences and to satisfy your growing circle of friends and family who have grown envious of your new seafood habit.


Technically, there is no minimum order required, but the shipping cost is calculated when you go to checkout. Generally, we’ve found once you order 8lbs/$150 or more, you’re eligible for free shipping costs. Order as little as 1lb of salmon at $19.99, and the shipping cost is still $40-$50 to most locations. The flexibility is nice for people who are still trying to figure out what wild Alaskan seafood fits their diet and palette, but we generally recommend ordering enough seafood to qualify for free shipping. Keep the remainder frozen and share with your friends and family! You can request a delivery date any day between Mon-Thurs most weeks of the year.

Where They Fish


Type of Fish

Alaskan Salmon, Alaskan Halibut, Alaskan Giant King Crab Legs, Alaska Smoked Salmon, Alaskan Scallops and Razor Clams, Alaskan Cod and Rockfish, Lobster Tails, Smoked Halibut and Sablefish, Alaskan Spot Shrimp, Calamari, Octopus

Quality and Sustainability

Tanner’s Alaskan Seafood is dedicated to sourcing and processing the highest quality sustainable Alaskan seafood. Across a wide selection of seafood, you can count on quality wild-caught products. All the fish is thoroughly checked for freshness and size. Extensive seafood processing measures ensure freshness and that only quality pieces of fish are sold to customers. You may not know the first and last name of the person who pulled the salmon out of the net, but you can still expect sustainable, wild-caught seafood from some of the best fishing waters in the world.