Ask anyone: The best way to get seafood is to buy live lobster online. You can order live lobster, lobster meat, or lobster tails for next-day delivery. The convenience, quality of product, and sourcing transparency add up to be one of the best possible methods to buy live lobster online. If you’re in the market for some fresh seafood, we can help.

The grid below has some of the best lobster providers we’ve come across in the 2 lb category. These companies have a wide range of live lobster available to buy online, but most importantly, they have high-quality products.

Fresh 2.0lb Maine Lobsters

Company Min. Order Price/lobster* Price/4 Lobsters** Company Rating Go To
Fulton Fish Market 2 $65.99 $263.96 4.8
Lobster Anywhere 1 $68.95 $331.80 5.0
The Crab Place 2 $92.14 $314.88 4.5

Some folks reading this might be new to the online lobster buying experience. If you’re not quite sure where to begin, the guide below is designed to walk you through the process. We promise – it’s not as complicated as it may seem.


Great Sites to Buy Live Lobster Online 

If you’re hoping to buy some of the best lobster on the market, these four companies are sure to impress. Buy live lobster online with confidence when you choose from one of these trusted retailers. These spots sell more than just lobster. You can buy crab and lobster, or other types of seafood, from these companies.

Global Seafoods ships high quality seafood out of Washington state. The company’s site has resources for preparing and cooking seafood. Specific shipping schedules help accommodate both the company’s sourcing and the customer.

The Crab Place is your spot for fresh Maryland seafood. The site offers extensive details on this company’s unique and successful shipping techniques. This family-owned business places an emphasis on local sourcing.

Fulton Fish Market opened in 1822 and is one of the oldest fish markets in the U.S. Order seafood from tried-and-true fishmongers straight to your door. You’ll find a plethora of recipes and cooking tips on their website.

Lobster Anywhere catches and ships lobster straight from the coast of Maine. This company boasts quick and secure online ordering, and sells seafood tools that will help you have an easy and delicious lobster experience.


Which Lobster Products Should You Choose?

When you search for lobster online, the most common products available will be live lobsters, lobster meat, and lobster tails. Each option serves a different purpose. Read about lobster products to figure out which option best fits your needs.

  • Live lobster is a popular online seafood order. Our handy lobster sizing guide can help you determine what size lobster is best for your delivery.
  • Lobster meat usually contains tail, claw, and knuckle meat, which is sometimes called TKC on different sites. You can use lobster meat to make lobster bisque, lobster mac and cheese, or lobster ravioli, among many other delicious lobster dishes.
  • Lobster tail is arguably the most delicious part of the lobster. Some people prefer to order lobster tail instead of a live lobster.


The 4-Step Guide to Buying Seafood Online

Ready to buy live lobster online? Follow these four easy steps to place your order:

  1. Pick Your Seafood: Choose from live lobster, lobster meat, or lobster tails.
  2. Pick Amount of Seafood: Figure out how many people you need to feed, and which size lobster works for your order.
  3. Schedule the Delivery: Pick the date and place the order. Overnight shipping makes delivery a breeze.
  4. Unbox and Cook: We’ve got some tips for an easy and memorable lobster dinner.


How Fast Can Live Lobster Get to Your Door?

Buying live lobster online is a pretty quick experience – from the time you place your order to the time the lobster appears on your doorstep, the whole process takes only a day or two. This process is similar for other types of seafood. If you want to buy crab and lobster online, you can follow the same schedule.

9:30a.m. – Order your lobster. If you want your shipment delivered the next day, you’ll need to order sometime in the morning or early afternoon.

11:30a.m. – Your order will begin processing almost as soon as you hit the “submit” button for next-day delivery..

3:00p.m. – Depending on the size of your provider, they will then either drop off your purchase at a shipping facility or have a shipping partner retrieve the day’s shipments from the production space.


9a.m. – Write a note to your delivery person and stick it on the door before leaving for the day.

2p.m. – Your lobster is delivered to your front door. Bring it inside, check to make sure the lobsters are alive, and store them in a safe, cool area.


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