As Maine’s lobster catchers continue to live in uncertainty, you may wonder if it is possible to find any cheap lobster. Multiple factors have influenced the volatility of Maine lobster catch. These factors include weather, harvest fluctuations, supply and demand issues, overcrowded fishing space, boat maintenance, and the cost of fuel and bait. The coronavirus pandemic has also caused an upset in both the lobster and global seafood industry.

However, lobster catchers have another new challenge to navigate. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced new regulations. They closed 1,000 square miles of federal, offshore fishing for four months out of the year. The regulations strive to protect the endangered right whale. Below, we will explain the causes of the price surges and what they mean to buyers. We will also provide a list of online vendors from whom you can buy cheap lobster this season.


Why Are Lobster Prices High?

Supply and demand primarily control the price of lobster. Lobsters can return high prices at the dock on good years. This autumn, the lobster price per pound is around $7. The high price stands in contrast to the 2020 season. Last year’s season dropped off significantly and the catchers lost sales due to the pandemic’s restaurant closures. From 2019 to 2020, the lobster catch dropped from 100 million pounds to 96 million pounds.

This year, prices will likely stay high due to a renewed demand and lobster catchers making up for lost sales. Many processing facilities also needed to implement safety restrictions last year. The restrictions made it a challenge to handle normal amounts of lobster. Now, it is all about rebounding and stabilizing an already unsteady industry.

Another reason why it is often hard to find cheap lobster is the cost of supplies. One supply that catchers have a hard time getting for a good price now is bait. Early in the season, some of the catchers paid $100 for a 55-gallon drum of bait. By November, these lobster catchers had seen bait prices jump up to $300.


Where to Buy Lobster Cheap

The good news is, you can get lobster for a reasonable price. The important thing to remember is that you need to know where to look. You also need to keep in mind that you should compare prices. Make sure to check an online vendor’s shipping fees to your region before placing your order. Our favorite reliable businesses to order lobster from include:

Fulton Fish Market The market sources its cold-water hard-shell lobsters from Nova Scotia. They deliver their lobsters live to your doorstep. You can expect to pay $34.99 for 1.25-pound wild lobster.

Lobster Anywhere – You can purchase live Maine lobster in a variety of sizes. Sizes range from 1.25 pounds to 6 pounds. When you order 1.25 pounds, you will pay $38.95 per lobster.

Lobster Trap For cheap lobster, order 1.25 pounds for $18.99 from the company. They ship lobster overnight for the freshest taste.

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