Typically, a live lobster delivery ends with a delicious meal… but that’s not always the case. Just within 2021, two lobsters made it to their destinations but escaped the fate of the other not-so-lucky lobsters.

  • Employees at Nobu Japanese restaurant in Scottsdale, AZ noticed that one lobster had a distinctly orange color, so they sent it to OdySea Aquarium. “The chance of finding a lobster this color in the wild is one in 30 million,” said director of Animal Care, Dave Peranteau.
  • Chef Austin Hopley stumbled upon a bright blue lobster at his restaurant in Littleborough, Greater Manchester. The rare, one-in-two-million lobster now resides at Sea Life Manchester.

Brightly colored lobsters are usually the result of a genetic mutation that makes them produce more of one protein than another. Luckily, employees at both restaurants recognized the lobsters’ intrinsic value. These rare exceptions defy the usual live lobster delivery process. Still, your chances of accidentally ordering an aquarium-worthy lobster are pretty low. Read on to find out how to order your own ready-to-eat live lobsters.


A Brief Guide to Live Lobster Delivery

This quick 4-step guide will help you order seafood online without stress. Ordering a live lobster delivery might seem like an intimidating process at first, but we’ve provided you with several helpful links to make the

  1. Pick Your Seafood: Your chosen seafood retailer will typically offer a combination of live lobster, lobster meat, or lobster tails. If you want to prepare live lobster, but you also want a guaranteed amount of lobster meat to use for a dish like lobster bisque, you could order live lobster and lobster meat.
  2. Pick Amount of Seafood: After you figure out which type of lobster you want to order, you need to calculate how much lobster you need to order. This amount depends on how many people you’re feeding, as well as which size lobster works best for the gathering. Leftovers from a live lobster dinner make for some delicious dishes, so don’t worry too much about over-ordering.
  3. Schedule the Delivery: Try to plan the delivery in advance, so that you can fully prepare for the lobsters’ arrival. If you need to order a next-day delivery, make sure to familiarize yourself with the retailer’s shipping policies. Remember to order before the cut-off time. Whether you order in advance or next-day, the lobster will arrive via overnight shipping. This delivery method ensures you will receive healthy, live lobsters.
  4. Unbox and Cook: Live lobsters travel in Styrofoam coolers with ice or gel packs to keep them cool. It’s best if you schedule the delivery for a time when you can be there to receive it. Then, immediately transfer the lobsters to a refrigerator or freezer.  If you can’t be home, post a note for the delivery person that includes an alternate drop point  – preferably a shaded area, like inside the garage or under an awning. You should wrap the lobsters in moist newspaper and keep them in the refrigerator until it’s time to cook. Use our cooking and cleanup tips to host an unforgettable lobster dinner.