What Lake to Table means to us is that best practices are used from beginning to end. This starts with the methods used to catch the fish, includes the series of steps needed to adequately prepare the fish, and ends with a delicious recipe and presentation on the plate of someone who will appreciate it. This general philosophy can be distilled in many forms. Locally-sourced fish and seafood is great for those with local options, and we all have some kind of edible fish available to us, at least during certain times of year. Other freshly frozen and delivered to your doorstep in 24-48 hours companies take a more scalable, though less local, approach when it comes to Lake to Table.

Just because something was locally- or individually-sourced doesn’t mean the best practices were used. On the other hand, not every single last fish has to caught with the utmost regard for energy efficiency. Just because you enjoy running a gas generator with ice fishing in a fish house rental doesn’t make you a bad person. No matter how we source our seafood, we’re never naïve enough to think that we have no impact on the local ecosystem. Still, you should always use best practices, commercially or for personal use. Never through your fish carcass or other trash in the hole, for example, when ice fishing!

  • Share Your Tips for Responsible Ice Fishing: Again, we’re not going to try to judge people’s personal ice fishing habits, so long as reasonable efforts are made to maintain the local ecosystem. With this in mind, help us build a stronger community and better environmental outcomes by sharing your tips and knowledge about protecting ice fishing for future generations.

Similar Brands, Organizations, and Events

We’re not the only ones out there who are contributing to the ocean/sea/lake-to-table culture. This selection of companies and organizations also goes a long way to demonstrating the various ways that Lake to Table values can be expressed through various commercial enterprises:

New Hampshire Community Seafood (NH)

Seattle Fish Company (Seattle)

Ocean to Table (SoCal)

Crescent City Farmers Market (New Orleans)

Frisky Fresh Fish (Salt Lake City)

Cape Ann Fresh Catch (Boston)

Core Sound Seafood (North Carolina)

Walking Fish (North Carolina)

Port Clyde Fresh Catch (Maine)

Local Catch

Sea to Table

Know Other Community Seafood and Lake to Table Organizations?

Let us know. We’d love to grow this list and the community at-large. We know we’ve likely missed a few. Write to us, too, with any personal experiences with these organizations, or if you help run one of these Community Seafood organizations and have insights into the Lake to Table movement.

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