Smoked sockeye salmon is popular for a reason. Sockeye is the best for smoking, by a pretty wide margin, too. The fish has a robust natural flavor that tastes great on its own, but we think it really shines after spending a few hours in the smoker. Keep in mind that sockeye’s naturally high oil content means it will be slightly more expensive than other salmon varieties. This oil contributes to the fish’s velvety flavor and ability to absorb flavor. Still, while these prices aren’t the cheapest, they’re extremely reasonable – especially when you consider the quality you’re paying for. If you want to compare smoked salmon prices, we recommend visiting out smoked salmon hub.



Smoked Sockeye Salmon Prices

Company Price/lb Min. Order Amount Min $/Order Go To
Lummi $44.00 .25 lbs $56.00
Sizzlefish $55.96 1.5 lbs $83.95
Fulton Fish Market $58.35 1 lb $92.27
Vital Choice $40.00 2 lbs $92.95
Global Seafoods $44.00 2.5 lbs $125.39

If you’ve spent any time looking at other smoked salmon prices, you’ll notice that Sockeye is more expensive than Keta but cheaper than King. King will always be the priciest option. It is often scarce, as there are strict limits placed on how many fishers can catch each year. King is also prized for its high oil content and velvety flesh, leading to its premium quality.

By contrast, Keta is widely available and has less oil than Sockeye and King. Some say this makes it a lower-quality salmon, but we think all wild-caught fish is delicious. Still, smoked Keta will have a slightly fishier flavor because it won’t absorb wood smoke as readily as Sockeye.


Our Favorite Smoked Salmon Products

Smoked Sockeye salmon is not created equal. While there are hundreds of varieties available online, a few really stand out. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite smoked Sockeye products from our affiliates. If you’re trying to order smoked sockeye salmon but don’t know what to get, any of these will be a great choice.

lummi smoked sockeye

Lummi Island Wild – Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon

The smoked Sockeye salmon from Lummi Island Wild is simple and delicious. Harvested humanely and sustainably, this is also a purchase you can feel good about.

sizzlefish smoked sockeye

Sizzlefish – Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon

Sizzlefish cold-smokes and brines their salmon, resulting in a velvety texture. They sweeten their fish with evaporated cane juice, which adds an interesting flavor profile to a classic smoke.

vital choice smoked sockeye

Vital Choice – Smoked Sockeye Salmon

Vital Choice’s smoked Sockeye is salt-brined and hot-smoked over natural alderwood. These are skin-on portions that are flash-frozen and vacuum packed to ensure freshness.


Sockeye is Best for Smoking

Alaskan sockeye is known for its vibrant red color, full texture, and fishy flavor. The fish is hearty enough to spend hours in the smoker without breaking down, but it’s light enough to ensure you have a great experience. And, while sockeye is considered a high-quality salmon species, it’s not as prized as king salmon. You won’t lose much by eating it smoked.

You won’t have trouble when you order smoked sockeye salmon online – it’s among the most widely available smoked fish available. That said, wild smoked sockeye is harder to find, but the extra effort to avoid farmed salmon is well worth it. Farmed salmon has a lower fat content, which means it won’t retain the smoke flavor as well. By contrast, wild sockeye has a very high oil content, allowing the fish to absorb all the sweet, smoky goodness that comes from time exposed to wood smoke.

If you’re looking for ways to use your smoked Sockeye, consider any of the following recipes.

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