Smoked salmon is a delightful, cured fish product that is often used in breakfast items like bagels and eggs. That said, it is easy to get confused when discussing smoked salmon. People use the terms smoked salmon and lox interchangeably, often calling it smoked salmon lox, which makes it hard to know the difference between the two. That is where we can help. Consider the following your guide to smoked salmon and lox. By the end, you should be able to understand your options and know how to prepare your smoked salmon.

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What Is Smoked Salmon Lox?

Put simply, lox is cured salmon. There are three main types of cured salmon that you can find most readily: smoked salmon, gravlax, and lox. Some websites offer smoked salmon lox. This name could refer to the process of both salt-curing and smoking the salmon portion. However, it is more likely for you to choose between the three options listed above.

Smoked salmon cures by way of smoke. There can be cold-smoked or hot-smoked salmon, which refers to the temperature of the smoke. The smoke transfers its flavor to the salmon during the process and creates tender salmon slices.

Gravlax is another kind of cured salmon. According to Bon Appétit, gravlax is cured with salt and a variety of herbs and spices. This gives the salmon a different flavor than simply using salt in the curing process.

The third kind of cured salmon is lox. Unlike smoked salmon lox, salt is the only curing agent for lox. Lox enthusiasts affirm that true lox is best when you use the belly meat of the salmon. This cut of fish has a high fat content. The salt coating that cures the fish makes the salmon taste very salty, naturally.

Also in the lox family is Nova Scotia lox, or Nova lox. The name speaks both to the process of curing and the origins of the preparation. Nova Scotia used to supply salmon to the United States, giving it its name. Even though that has changed, the name has stuck with the curing style. Food Republic notes that Nova lox cures in salt first and then cold-smokes.

Another kind of lox is wild lox. Real Simple explains that wild salmon has less oil which translates to a firm texture for the finished product. You might also notice a very bright orange color in the fish given its diet.

Popular Ways to Eat Smoked Lox

A classic way to eat lox is on a bagel with cream cheese and capers with the occasional red onion. If you are interested in trying out some other recipes, here are some ideas to get you started. Smoked salmon and lox both pair very well with brunch items. For example, this recipe features smoked salmon on top of toast with avocado and eggs. Smoked salmon is also delicious in salads with other delicate flavors. There are several on this list you can try. Our advice is to keep the ingredients simple to avoid overpowering the flavor of the fish.

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