Curing fish is an age-old practice that is still very popular today. Curing was a necessary process to prevent fish and other meats from spoiling. Now, cured fish and meats are a common offering at the grocery store and delis, among other places. Each part of the world has their own techniques and supplies that create a distinct take on cured fish. One such cured fish is Irish smoked salmon. We’ll cover what makes this smoked salmon distinct and let you know how you can buy it for yourself.


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Irish Smoked Salmon Preparation and Taste 

The Irish variety of smoked salmon is unique for the type of woods used for smoking. Instead of wood chips like hickory or maple, the Irish version uses oak chips, traditionally from whiskey casks. A cask is the wooden barrel that distilleries use to store the whiskey until it is matured. Over time, the whiskey saturates the oak, leaving behind a whisky-infused oak cask. Oak is a great wood for smoking salmon. According to The Online Grill, oak is a flexible wood since it has better temperature range. The more versatile range makes it ideal for hot or cold-smoking.

The other notable feature of an Irish treatment of smoked salmon is the kind of salmon. Makers of smoked salmon in Ireland use Atlantic salmon. Instead of sourcing salmon from someplace in North America, Ireland has sustainable salmon farms where the fish grow. These farms are located along the coast of west Ireland. They have been essential for the continuations of the fishing industry in Ireland. The farms allow the younger generations to continue the sustainable methods. The salmon have a lower fat content due to their diet and ability to have space to swim.

The combination of the oak chips and the farmed salmon create the unique taste of the cured fish. The salmon is moderately salty and has an earthy finish. The whiskey-infused woods translate to a more complex smoke flavor in the finished salmon. It is a perfect partnership, considering whiskey is a large export of Ireland, so the casks do not go to waste. You can expect a great texture from the salmon as a result of the smoking process. And the salmon naturally pairs well with Irish whiskey!


Is Irish Smoked Salmon Worth It?

You might be wondering if the Irish salmon is available anywhere in the United States. While some specialty food stores may have some in stock, it is unlikely that you would find it in your average grocery store. The bottom line is that if you want Irish smoked salmon buy online.  Luckily, there are many online sellers who offer the Irish specialty. It is important to note that you will probably have to buy this kind of salmon from an Ireland-based company. This means the price might be higher for international shipping if you are in the United States. However, the price is worth it to experience the unique, whiskey-smoked Irish salmon. We endorse the splurge for this unique item.

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