Smoked salmon is a well-loved favorite that incorporates itself easily into every-day meals. There are two different kinds of smoked salmon, hot or cold, each with its distinct flavor and texture.

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Difference Between Hot and Cold Smoked Fish

Cold smoked salmon is popular on the East coast. The texture is super silky, and the smoky flavor is there but not overwhelmingly so. This is the salmon you would find at a deli, ready to be put on a cream cheese bagel.

The West coast claims hot smoked salmon. Its smoky flavor is deeper and more pronounced, and the texture is flaky. The salmon is cured, and then glazed or rubbed before being smoked. The glaze or rub usually highlights flavors like maple, teriyaki, or black pepper. Buy hot smoked salmon for scrambles and omelets, soups, quiches, tarts, or dips.

The difference between cold smoked salmon and hot smoked salmon lies in their processing. Salmon is processed by being cured and then smoked. Both the curing and smoking processes set these two types of salmon apart from each other and help to determine their flavors and textures.

Cold smoked salmon is dry cured in salt, while hot smoked salmon is cured in wet brine or salty water. The curing process typically takes place through the night, and then the salmon is smoked.

It is the smoking process that truly determines what kind of texture the smoked salmon will have. Cold smoked salmon is smoked at temperatures less than 90°F, which gives the fish it’s almost-raw texture. Hot smoked salmon is smoked at approximately 120°F, providing the finished product with its deliciously flaky consistency.

Benefits of Hot Smoked Salmon

Fatty fish, like salmon, respond very well to hot-smoking due to their natural texture. Hot smoked salmon has a much longer shelf life and can be used for up to a week, compared to fresh salmon which must be used within 48 hours.

Buy hot smoked salmon if you are looking for the most versatile smoked salmon option. It can be eaten cold right away or reheated easily. Cold smoked salmon does not reheat as well because it has not been fully cooked in the first place.

Best Smoked Salmon Recipes

This delicious fish lends itself well to a multitude of dishes. Its smoky flavor and flaky consistency complements breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hot smoked salmon packs a punch with intense flavor and meatier texture. These recipes are just a handful of the many available online. Once you get comfortable working with this type of smoked salmon, don’t be afraid to experiment.

This recipe for smoked trout salad can be easily adapted to use smoked salmon, and the prep time is 5 minutes. A must-try!

Make smoked salmon dip as an appetizer and serve with small pumpernickel toasts.

Pair these smoked salmon tartines with fried capers with a delicious wine and you will definitely impress your guests.

Try out smoked salmon dill eggs benedict for an elevated brunch favorite.

Conjure a mild summer evening with this recipe for smoked salmon quiche.

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