True seafood enthusiasts want to buy whole salmon online. That said, fewer retailers allow customers to buy full fish. There are a few reasons for this, but one of the biggest is that there isn’t as much demand for this type of purchase. Still, some retailers do it. In the price grid below, you’ll find a few sellers that sell high-quality Sockeye salmon.

Company $/lb Min. Order Cost Reviews Rating Website
Seabear Smokehouse $23.60 $118.00 273 5.0 website
Global Seafoods $24.00 $120.00 1,130 4.6 website
D’artagnan $25.00 $49.99 179 4.1 website
Wulf’s Fish $26.00 $81.00 764 4.9 website
Sizzlefish $35.70 $124.95 341 4.9 website
Vital Choice $37.33 $111.99 23,132 4.8 website
Fulton Fish Market $38.10 $50.68 604 4.4 website

But why would somebody want to buy a full frozen salmon? Are there any benefits? And is there anything to be careful of? The guide below will unpack these questions, allowing you to make a smart salmon decision before placing your order.


Why Should You Buy Whole Salmon Online?

There are a few reasons why you may want to buy a whole salmon instead of individual fillets. When you buy a whole salmon online, your purchase will result in a 75% meat yield. In other words, if you buy a 10-pound whole salmon, you should expect to be able to eat 7.5lbs of fish. Usually, this results in a better per-pound price. Many consider buying a whole fish to be comparable to buying in bulk – you get a slightly lower price, but you’ll need to put in a bit more labor to fillet the fish.

However, those who buy whole salmon online will also get the fish parts you can’t necessarily eat but that will add flavor to any seafood dish. This include things like bones and heads, which can be used to make seafood broth, soups, and stews. Most people need to visit fish mongers or butchers to get these fish byproducts, so buying a whole salmon may just be the best way to get access to these parts.


Things to Consider When Buying Salmon Online

Customers should know that buying whole salmon means you’ll need to process the fish yourself. This typically means allowing it to thaw, then parceling out the parts on your own. Unless you have some experience filleting a fish, this can prove to be pretty challenging. Plus, it might not be safe to re-freeze the fish parts once they’re thawed. Your salmon provider will give specific instructions, but you may need to consume the whole fish after it’s been thawed. Salmon lasts in the refrigerator for around 7 days. If you think you can eat that many pounds of salmon in 7 days, you’ll be okay.

However, we should note that, for this reason, many salmon providers are hesitant to ship whole frozen salmon. There isn’t as much of a demand as there is for frozen salmon fillets. As a result, you might need to do a bit more research before making your purchase. Still, you’re nearly guaranteed to have a wonderful meal waiting at the end of the process.

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